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Helpdesk Support Miami: Problems Simplified

By December 7, 2018No Comments5 min read
Managed IT services in Tavenier Key

Every day we rely on help desks to resolve technical issues that we face while working on our systems. IT experts in support centers work 24/7 to provide solutions for problems such as troubleshooting our mobile phone or disputing a credit card bill. We know that IT can simply fail. Therefore, as a customer, we purchase any hardware or software product only if it promises to deliver a long-term support.

A help desk is the first point of contact for customers.  You need someone to troubleshoot the printer or help you to get access to a new system.  This article aims to familiarize you with the basic process that supports executives will follow to resolve your issue. With this information, you can entrust them and provide the right information that they need to get a quick solution to your problems. Also, this article will save you from tech. support scams that use malicious ways to fraud you and steal your banking information. You can identify any helpdesk fraud and secure your sensitive information from being exposed.

How helpdesk support professional can troubleshoot your issues?

  • Step by Step Diagnosis:

Whenever you are stuck with a blank screen on your computer in the middle of your work, you need an expert that can put your system back to work again. A trusted technical support service will deliver a fast and easy solution by providing a step by step instruction to diagnose your problem. It could be simply restarting all the active services or asking you to send the device or software logs. The log information is generally hidden from users. Support executives will provide convenient ways to help you access any file or system setting with detailed instructions in email or on the phone.

  • Replicate the issue on their system:

Sometimes the problem is complicated and it cannot be explained on the phone. In this case, a support professional will ask you for the steps that resulted in failure so that he can replicate the issue on his system. Now, he can easily understand the problem and correct it on his end to ensure the solution will work correctly on your system as well.

  • Analyze your usage:

Often you will find that your system is getting slow day by day. It may be unresponsive to keyboard or mouse actions. Your hard drive may be full or a memory and power intensive software may be running in the background. In this case, a tech. professional will try to analyze your system usage. He would like to know your purpose of using the system. You may be using it for video processing, preparing documents and presentations, coding etc. Based on this information, he will suggest any hardware upgrade or replace a resource intensive software that you are using so that your work efficiency is improved. He will provide you the links to buy new hardware and software that is right for your work.

  • Remote desktop connection:

Not all of us are from an IT background. We may even find it hard to search and access the downloads folder. If you are not familiar with IT stuff, support representations may ask for a remote desktop connection to your computer. Remote support technology shares your computer screen with the supporting party. He can access your computer files, change system settings using your mouse cursor without being physically present there.

Now, you don’t need to explain them everything because they are virtually present on your computer seat. They will identify issues while you relax and watch them correcting your problems. But they will never ask for passwords or access personal files and folders that scammers often do.

  • Train you about using the product:

Often, there is no issue with any hardware or software component on your computer. And your issues may begin with a how rather than a why. Here, the only problem is that the user interface is too complex to be understood by a customer with a non-IT background. One of the primary objectives of a support professional is to train end users about using his company products to avoid inefficiencies and downtimes. He will provide you video tutorials, assist you in using basic functions and provide every help to familiarize you with the product.

  • Update your system resources:

An outdated software can cause a lot of trouble on your system. Because cyber-attacks are rapidly increasing, every software release updates time to time to improve its features and add security. For example, if your word processor software is constantly glitching or your important applications are not opening, then probably your antivirus software is outdated. In their diagnosis, support professionals will make sure that you are using the latest IT technology by updating all your software assets.

Companies try hard to avoid consumer churns by prioritizing any issues that their customers are facing. Their support executives are available 24/7 to help their customers. They provide support through every convenient way and ensure that your system is back to work again in no time.  The troubleshooting outlined above works well for gathering info, identifying possible causes of the issue, and getting to a solution.  As a customer, now you can make smart decisions whenever you face any problem with your IT assets and get quick remediation.

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