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Considering Hiring an External IT Consultant? 6 Answers for You

By December 2, 2018No Comments

Are you looking for an IT Consultant? We are happy to answer some of your questions here.

1. Which IT Functions Can Be Taken over by External IT Consulting?

When comparing IT consulting companies, Miami companies often seek expertise in IT helpdesk, IT security, and IT strategies. But almost every imaginable IT function can be outsourced to the right managed IT, partner. Some companies rely exclusively on outsourced IT, others on a lean internal team.

It is important to choose a company with a reliable service that can grow with you.

2. How Long Does It Take for IT Consulting Firms to Start?

Each Managed Services contract should begin with a full needs analysis. This analysis phase can take from a few days to a month, depending on the complexity of ongoing operations. The roundtables should be held at a high level to ensure that all the services you need are available to you from day one.

Once you’ve signed a contract, a well-managed IT company blends seamlessly with your business. Investments in new hardware and software should be minimal, as modern IT vendors can expand their capabilities with cloud-based services on demand. Likewise, all costs and time associated with training IT staff should remain the responsibility of the IT consultant.

3. What Guarantees Do I Have That an IT Consultant Is Right for Me?

Reputable IT consultants should provide you with various types of guarantees that you receive the value for which you have paid. First and foremost is the Service Level Agreement (SLA) – a written guarantee for the availability of services and features. Regular reporting gives you the insight you need to be sure your SLA commitments are being met.

When you start with a new IT provider, it’s a good idea to examine your customer references, references, and industry affiliations. To make sure your needs are met, a business should already have a proven track record with clients like you. If you research in advance, avoid later misunderstandings and surprises.

4. Are IT Consulting Companies Cheaper Than Doing Everything Internally?

The majority of Miami companies will find an IT consultant who is more suited to their budget than a comparable internal IT team. It is indeed very time-consuming to recruit for the latest IT skills in the Miami market. It may take a year or even more to build an internal team, so you’ll have to expect payroll, training, and other overhead costs. In addition, you have to deal with on-boarding.

A consulting firm delivers better results in both ongoing operational costs and investment costs, so you can immediately benefit from the emerging trends. Many companies start with external IT consulting because of unexpected, rapid growth. If you’re looking to open a new office or expand your resources quickly, the consulting firm gives you the opportunity to do so without putting your business at risk.

5. Will My It Help Desk Work Better If I Hire an IT Consulting Firm?

Calling the IT helpdesk is usually not high on the list of favorite things to do. If you decide to outsource, you can expect a significant improvement in help desk performance. The right IT consulting firm brings you help desk experience and a proven methodology, including operational metrics that drive continuous process improvement.

Although there is always a certain start-up time. However, you should expect a significant growth in IT help desk KPIs within 90 days. Calls should get faster, and more problems should be solved the first time. Likewise, the satisfaction of the customers of your helpdesk should increase noticeably. In the end, you receive consistent service without having to worry about the service area.

6. Should I Have an Internal IT Team While Using an IT Consultant?

Many companies believe that they can fully meet their typical IT needs through managed IT services. However, this depends on your requirements. Small and medium-sized businesses that hire an IT consultant sometimes have a handful of technology experts who are central to their commitment to service.

It is not uncommon for mid-sized companies to maintain a Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Technology Officer (CTO), even though they intend to outsource most of their IT infrastructure. This person is responsible for the consultant relationship and optimizes the IT service package as needed.

In this way, the executives and the board can be sure that there is an internal stakeholder who fully understands the needs of the company and can work for them with external professionals. This is especially common in companies that want to demonstrate rigor and stability to investors.

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