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How Can Server Virtualization Help Your Small Company Compete with the Big Boys?

By April 27, 2018November 1st, 2018No Comments3 min read
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How Can Server Virtualization Help Your Small Company Compete with the Big Boys?

In the real world it can be difficult for the new startup company to compete with the larger and more established firm down the street. Pricing structures are different and often more expensive for the new kid, and many customers are simply more comfortable working with what appears to be a larger and older company.

But on the Internet size does not have to be as big a consideration. In the online world small companies can, and do, compete effectively with companies many times their size. One way they achieve that lofty goal is through technology, including the technology known as server virtualization.

With server virtualization companies can use a single piece of hardware to host many different servers, greatly reducing the cost and the complexity of the IT operation. Just consider that if you can host four servers on a single box, you just cut your hardware costs by 75%. The larger and less efficient company down the street, meanwhile, is still operating with those four hardware boxes, and losing money every single day. In this race, the win goes to the company who is able to do more with less.

The benefits of server virtualization can go a long way toward helping even the smallest company compete with even the biggest fish. On the Internet, your customers have no way of knowing how big or small you are. All they know is what a great company you are, and how responsive you are to their needs. If you are able to efficiently serve the needs of your customers, it does not matter how big you are. All that matters is how efficiently you use the resources at your disposal.

Virtual server technology also gives small companies an important edge over their larger rivals – namely that of nimbleness and the ability to change rapidly. When your company has a room filled with 100 servers, moving to a new and less costly location might not be an option. But if all of your servers are virtualized, you have much less to move and much less to worry about. You can make that move, and save that money, while the big fish are still swimming upstream.

You can also use your size to your advantage in another way. You might be able to host your applications and your servers offsite, allowing both inside workers and outside customers to access those resources from wherever they might be. That makes it easier than ever for customers to place their orders, prospects to get more information and your employees to get more done. No matter what you are trying to accomplish, virtual server technology is a great way to level the playing field and put everyone, big and small, on an even footing.

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