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How Can You Achieve Complete Computer Protection?

By March 5, 2019March 6th, 2019No Comments5 min read
Computer Safety

From the last few decades, computers have become a very vital part of our life. Computers have provided us with a wide range of services making our life better as ever. From personal use to office use, computers are presently helping us at personal as well as professional levels. With the help of computers, an individual can browse the Internet, play games, do any office work like Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint, watch movies and many more.

A computer is expensive, but when looking at its vivid uses, it is worth all the money. But the main problem is that some people take computers for granted. They use the computers wildly without taking good care of it whether be the care of hardware or software.

Securely using the computer is very much important for a smooth working computer. Hardware and software, both parts of the computer need extra safety measures. That’s why they must be handled in a way avoiding any severe damage.

Many people engage in using computer unknowingly in a very wrong way, damaging the computer. Some things must be avoided for proper handling of computers.

Avoid the things that can harm the computer:-

  • Do not block the vents –

There are vents present on the computer to keep it cool because the overuse of a computer can lead to overheating which can cause unmanageable damage to the computer.

Blocking the computer vents by placing it at the wrong place like near walls, sofas, desk, curtains, etc. must be avoided. A surface with proper space for the vents to act must be chosen.

  • Liquid cleaning is not for computers

Computers do not need cleaning with any type of liquids, whether be water, detergents or any other cleaning liquids. Cleaning the computer with wet wipes or detergents can cause severe damage to their hardware.

Water can lead to the corrosion of screen and detergents even the natural one can spoil the screen coating of the computer. If any internal hardware part gets contacted with the water, then a short circuit can occur, and the computer can get permanently damaged.

Use a soft dry cloth to wipe out any dust and cover the computer with a cloth whenever not in use.

  • Never forget to restart the computer after software installation

Computer developers have provided every bit of care to the computer. Whenever a new software is installed on the computer, it requests a restart but thinking that it is a waste of time, many people avoid such instructions. Stop doing such things to the computers; a restart is a must after installation of software so that some applications can get a reboot to function properly. Make a prompt habit of restarting the computer for letting it work smoothly.

  • Do not browse the web without a safe antivirus software 

There are many websites available on the internet which can cause severe software damage to the computer by default addition of a virus to the software. These viruses from the websites can steal your data or can cause damage to the computer. Never ever browse the world wide web without an antivirus software. Antivirus software helps for the malware protection of computer software from any type of viruses.

  • Pets don’t know how to use computers, keep them away

If the user of the computer owns a pet, keep them far away from the scratches of those pets because pets are not habitual of using such devices. They are mostly habitual of using their paws to cause devastation to these devices. The pets can use the computer as a pillow, letting their fur on the computer, which can travel into the vents blocking the fan and can cause intense damage. Don’t let your pets wander around computers.

  • Avoid opening computer case when it is still plugged in

Cleaning the computer case is recommended in every 2 or 3 months so that there is no dust, no fur left in the case which will cause any damage. But few people might forget to unplug the computer while opening the case. This might lead to an accident where the person might get an electric shock. Only the switching off of the computer is not enough to open it safely, but it must be unplugged from the switch for a proper safe case opening.

  • Magnets must not be used near the computer

 There is a lot of data stored in the computer in various forms. Bringing a magnet device near the computer can damage some parts which operate on magnetic function. Like the regular hard drives which have magnetic system operation, bringing a magnet near it can cause permanent loss of data. Previously before LCD and LED screens, Cathode Ray Tube screens were used as computer screens which can get damaged through the magnetic device.

  • Do not use the computer parts with force –

Do not force use the computer. Stop being so harsh with the computer. It is a very delicate device with delicate hardware and software parts. Forced use can cause damage to these parts. For example, avoid closing the CD/DVD tray by pushing it. Use the button for opening or closing the tray. Also, putting a USB device with force must also be avoided because forcing it in the port can break the connector inside it.

  • Avoid overheating of computer

Overheating of the computer can be caused by using it in exposed sunlight. Exposing your computer to the direct heat sources like sunlight and heater can cause severe damage to the computer. The computer itself has electronic parts which heat a lot while operating, so adding more heat to the computer can start the plastic inside it to melt and damage the internal components of the computer. Keep the computer in a cool and dry place for smooth functioning.

Various software handling must be done with proper care to avoid any damage to the data stored in the computer. Secure your computer with the installation of safe and secured software.

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