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How to buy the perfect PC case?

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Computers are the most important and useful devices in this digital world. Everyone is fond of buying computers either for their office work or for personal use at home. These devices help in making the life of people very simple and easy. Computers offer solutions to complex problems within seconds, easy connectivity, bulk storage of information and data as well as a lot more. Therefore computers are the dependency of people.

The computer devices are simple in functioning but complex when it comes to building one. It consists of several different components all organized in an appropriate manner that allows the proper functioning of these devices. The computer components basically comprise of input-output system, processing component, software, and hardware units and many more. All the computer devices need these components with the correct specification in order to work effectively.

One such important component for computer functioning is the PC case.

What do you mean by a PC case?

A PC case is defined as a holder or a cabinet that is responsible for covering or carrying several components of desktop computers especially the hardware as well as the USB components.

It provides space for the accommodation of several essential components required for the working of any computer device. The borders or the layout of a PC case is designed for accurate fixing of computer parts. It helps in the protection and coordinated functioning of various different components of computer like the motherboard, hard drive, CPUs, USBs and many more.

The computer case is also known by the name of Computer Chassis or Computer Tower. The components placed inside a computer case represents a peripheral part of the computer.

Purpose of a PC case

The PC case is important as it covers various aspects required for effective computer functioning

  • It helps in fixing or fitting several components necessary for a computer functioning altogether.
  • It also helps in cooling the heat of the system generated due to the working of different components fitted inside it.
  • It adds an amazing look to your PC parts.
  • It makes accessing of computer parts simple along with their easy removal and fitting without the need for any tool or screws.
  • It provides good cable management and a soundproof silent ambiance while running the device.

The PC case serves many more purposes apart from the mentioned above.  Hence they are necessary to install.

How to determine the perfect PC Case?

Choosing the right case for your PC is an important step and it is difficult to choose the perfect one as many variants are available in the market.

PC cases come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, each suitable for a specific computer. The different types of PC cases are classified as per the number of components it can accommodate.

Some cases can allow the fixing of more than one motherboard while some can allow the fixing of only one motherboard.

Therefore before buying the case for your computer one should understand the several aspects suiting the specification of their device.

  • Size-

The buyer should be pretty clear in mind about the size of the PC case he or she is searching for. The size matters a lot as it allows the type of component the case supports.

The major component to be fixed in the PC case is the motherboard.

Everyone knows that the motherboard is an important part of the computer.  Therefore specific PC cases are available in the market for people to buy which appears suitable for the installation of motherboard. Small cases for the smaller motherboard and larger cases for the larger motherboard.

Different PC cases are available depending upon the size of the motherboard it supports.

  • Mini ITX- It supports motherboard with dimension 6.75×6.75 inches.
  • Micro ATX offers 9.63×9.63 inches motherboard support.
  • ATX- offers 12×9.63 (L×R) inches of Motherboard Support.
  • XL/EATX- Motherboard with 12× 13 inches ( L×R) dimensions are supported.
  • Supporting Features-

Along with the size, few features are also important to look for before buying any specific PC case. One should choose the case which supports maximum features and also appears budget-friendly. More expensive the cases, more features it offers.

The following features can be considered while buying a case for your PC.

Storage support-

Look for a case which supports higher storage drives in order to store all your necessary information. Different types of best computer cases are available based on different drive brags.

  • 5-inch case supports SSD.
  • 5-inch case supports Hard Drive.
  • 15-inch case supports the optical drive.
  • Design-

Earlier the PC cases were designed requiring regular screwdrivers to open them. But not anymore, Today’s PC case comes with a tool-free mechanism of handling.

  • Cable system-

The PC case should support cabling internally. This way of cable management won’t lead to short circuit or wire cuts in your computer components.

  • Connectivity-

For buyer needing more storage should look for a case supporting higher external devices connectivity. Cases come with front panel connectivity allowing many external devices to connect in order to increase the storage.

  • Fan system-

Fans are very essential for the working of a PC as it helps in proper airflow. Cases with additional mount for supporting the installation of fans should be chosen as it helps in maintaining the temperature while working on PC.

  • Soundproofing-

Cases offering soundproof feature should be chosen as it helps in damping the sound. Cases consist of sound damping materials fitted inside the panel that helps in keeping the PC quiet while running.

  • Water cooling support-

Different cases have different criteria for supporting your water cooling system. Choose the case with effective water cooling support for your PC.

  • Integrated lighting and Dust filter-

Some cases are built with an integrated lighting system that is loved by many. Along with that dust, filters are also installed in some cases that helps in keeping your PC clean.

  • Pricing-

Along with the size and features, pricing is also an important factor to look for. Due to different variants of PC cases available in the market the prices also vary. Once the buyer is pretty sure about the size and the features of the case he or she wants for his personal computer they should choose the case according to their budget. Required features with low pricing are the perfect combination to avail. Pricing also depends upon the design and the patter of the PC case.


The above mentioned are the few essential features to be looked by any individual before buying the PC case for their PC, as these features will let one choose the perfect PC case for their personal computer.

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