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How to Choose the Best IT Help Desk Provider

By September 26, 2019No Comments6 min read

Keeping business or an organization up and running is a herculean task, majorly depending on the public reception of your products and services. However, in today’s marketplace, where the forefront is highly competitive, it is imperative for businesses to provide more than just excellent products or services. The winning element is- good customer service.

In this digital and extensively connected world, the approachability and reach of your company are what sets your business apart. It not only makes your products/services more acceptable and familiar amongst the customers but also builds a trustworthy image. This gap between the companies and end-users is bridged by IT Help Desk Service Providers.

A service provider is a company that provides organizations with consulting, legal, real estate, communication, storage, processing, and many other services. Though it can also refer to a sub-unit of the company, it usually defines a third party or outsourced suppliers. Hence, an IT Help Desk Service Provider offers the company communication and customer call services. For most businesses, the “help desk” is the initial contact point for customer queries, problems, or complaints.

A typical Help Desk is intended to manage incidents like service disruption or repairs, to requests like routine service tasks, along with handling user communication for things like outages or planned changes, or installation or fixing services. Hence, an IT Help desk has a broad scope, providing the users with a single place to go to, for all their needs. IT Helpdesk providers assist the businesses to integrate production and sale with technological ecosystem and service management infrastructure.

Choosing the right IT Help desk service provider can make or break your business. Help desks are the representatives of your business in the communication web, and hence it is extremely important to opt for the right service provider. Since there are so many providers to choose from, the decision can be very daunting, especially for budding entrepreneurs and enterprises. Therefore, the following are a few tips on how to choose the best IT help desk service provider for your business or company or organization.

  1. Understand the scope of your business

IT Help desk providers are of various kinds. So the first step is to identify the scale, reach and target customers for your business. By doing so, you will be able to decide on what kind of help desk you want to set-up. It is paramount that the scope of your service desk parallels with the scope of your business.

  1. Decipher customer expectations

Analyze the help desk service from a customer point of view. What kind of services would you expect when you reach out to the help desk? What are the commonly presented queries? What is the ideal way to address these queries? Since the help desk is set up solely for the customers, their needs and expectations should define the profile of your help desk service provider.

  1. Determine the limit of your help desk

Though helpdesks are the initial point of contact for the customers, they cannot possibly resolve every query or issue that arises with the product/service. There should be a point, beyond which the customers are handed over to the technical experts in the company. It is fundamental to decide that change-over, for healthy and satisfying customer service.

Also, you must decide the amiability of your help desk. Is it limited only to calls? Or can the customers’ mail in their queries? Or does prolonged contact spill over to messages and WhatsApp – that is a  crucial decision you must take.

  1. List out your essential help desk features

Since you have already determined the scope of your business as well as your customers, one step further shall be to define the specific features that you want your help desk to possess.  Sometimes, the help desks have unnecessary features that the customers don’t even use but you will be charged for, like video calling facilities. Data storage, privacy control, accessibility, legal requirement, etc. should all be thoroughly considered.  Make a list of the specific features that you want in your help desk and the range of issues they cover. This will help you shortlist the service providers to complement your business.

  1. Run a simulation

Now coming to selecting the Service provider from the options you shortlisted, try an exemplary simulation test. Pose the standard and commonly referred queries to the help desk and assess their response and the ensuing chain of activities. This is perhaps the most effective way to choose the most ideal IT Help desk provider for your business.

If you can negotiate with the service provider, refine the module until you create the experience you want to provide your customers and test the tool again.

  1. Opt for a trial period before finalizing

If you are not fully convinced about the chosen service provider, go for a trial period of service, where you can analyze the functioning and efficiency of the service provider. If the performance is satisfactory, then you can sign the deal.

  1. Consider affordability and scalability

Businesses are constantly evolving and growing. So naturally, it is not possible to function with limited resources and inhibited outsources. Make sure that your contract reflects this aspect of the business. The service provider should have the provision to supply for your expanding business or even an explosion. Understand that lose or gain in your business will not affect the service charges you owe to the IT helpdesk provider. Hence, carefully state the conditions of the deal and ensure that it is legally reinforced.


It is essential to make an informed decision, after ruminating and deliberating over every relevant facet regarding the help desk service. Most IT help desk services today run on packages to choose from, which can be good and hindering at the same time. Communication is key. Clearly stating your expectations from the provider can help reach a negotiated outcome, that only conducive to the growth of your business.

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