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How to Decide Between a Mac and a PC

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When one mentions about a Mac and a PC, the fundamental aspect of these technological conceptions is that both have a common goal. The goal is to provide the best in the computer arena. It is just that each of them considers doing the same thing differently,

At a basic level, you can think about the various ways in which a Window can be closed. If you are using Windows on a PC, all you need to do it is click the red X on the top right corner of the screen.

But for MacBook Air, in general, this activity will differ a bit. If you click the red X on the Mac screen, the window closes, but the program is open and running in the background though no window or document will be visible on the screen. In order to close the program completely, click on the program name on the status window on top and click on Quit.

It boils down to the fact that Macs have their own operating system viz. Mac OS X and PCs need Windows to run. It actually depends on the need of the user and the level of comfort when working on these computers.

Apple is well known to release a varied range of updates to their OS all over the year; hence you can always receive updates at regular intervals.

Considering the latest version of Mac OS, the macOS Mojave boast of new features and design suitable for everyone. The new features in Mojave include Dark Mode, Desktop Stacks, Dynamic Desktop, novels ways of taking screenshots, new News app and a revamped Mac Store.

Here are some points on which you can compare a MacBook Air and a PC to decide which is more suitable and beneficial for the work. The term PC could apply to a computer running any of the operating systems, but here it is being referred to a Windows computer.


Comparing both the choices, you need to focus on the benefits that you can get either on purchasing a Mac or a PC. Your purpose for using either of them must be clearly defined. Whether it will be used for entertainment, business or educational purpose must be clear in your mind. Your purpose for purchasing a computer will reflect which one suits you.


On the face of it, the concept of design for a computer may seem unimportant, but it has been the major distinguishing factor between the Macs and other PCs. The focus on developing a unique design in the early days of Mac production has led to its trendy image of today. The MacBook Air has its CPU and monitors housed into a single unit. This reduces the number of hanging cables and provides a sleeker look.

On the other hand, PCs come in several designs but will be from different manufacturers. A design ranging from utilitarian to space-age aesthetics of a gaming PC is available in the market. Some of these are having a more compelling design than Apple computers.

For a PC if you did not like the design of one computer you choose from a different manufacturer and the choices are plenty. In the case of Apple, if you wish to own a Mac, you need to choose from the available designs.


One of the most important and indispensable parts of the computer is the software. There is a lack of availability of software written exclusively for the Mac operating system. This paucity is very much obvious in business computing where most of the applications were already standardized on Windows PC.

A switch to a Mac from a Windows-based application would be too costly and not worth the effort. MacBook Air lacks specialized business software though it has tried to make inroads with Microsoft on the Office Suite.

The limited software selection of MacBook Air has not only restrained the work but also in games. Most of the computer games are inclined towards the PC. There is a large selection of recreational software that is Windows based. Though Mac has tried to expand its boundaries by trying to include some popular games, it has not been very successful.


The level of security is one of the most important factors with regards to computers. Since a major portion of the world’s computers is Windows-based, most of the attacks from viruses and other intrusions are focused on them.

The MacBook Air comes with its own inbuilt security software, and it successfully protects the inbuilt software and data of the system. It possesses an upgraded security system of T2 chip which functions form the Mac taskbar to keep the device absolutely safe. But you can also install an anti-virus software externally in your MacBook Air like how you can do in your Windows computer as well.


The technical specifications of PC and Mac can either be similar or different depending on the brand of computers that you are comparing. Though their internal parts may be similar, the components will be of varying capacity and speed.

MacBook Air is expensive, and their parts are of made of better quality. There are high-end PCs which are comparable with the Macs and may even outshine them in performance. Macs have faster processors than the Windows computers but lag behind in operations of their hard disk space, RAM, and USB ports. Both of them also differ in the types of connections and optical drives.

Mac offers features such as:

  • Super Drive—read-write CDs and DVDs
  • Audio-in and Audio-out
  • USB
  • FireWire— for data transfer
  • Thunderbolt — video output
  • Ethernet
  • Magnetized power port

Comparable features and a few more are offered by PC like:

  • Blue-ray players
  • TV tuners
  • Touch screens
  • HDMI ports


This is one factor where a MacBook Air and a PC would definitely differ. Apple created the Mac line of computers as the high-end one, with high quality and costly components. If you compare two computers with the same technical specifications the main difference in them would be the pre-installed software packages. The MacBook Air is priced from $999 – $1,199 depending upon the size of its screen.

The user may have to also purchase some additional software like antivirus for a PC or a Microsoft Office for a Mac. So basically the consumer’s needs can alter the relative value of a PC or a Mac.

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