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How to Mitigate a Cloud Data Breach

By September 11, 2020No Comments6 min read
Cloud Data Breach

It is very difficult to protect your business from cyberattacks. More organizations are getting affected by these cyberattacks every year. Cloud data breaches are increasing with time. Most companies don’t know how to protect their data. Attackers can actually target any business. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large organization as attackers are even targeting small businesses now.

Cloud data breaches occur when an attacker or an unauthorized user gains access to your data and information. Companies are storing their highly confidential and sensitive data on the cloud platforms. However, outside attackers are not always responsible for these data breaches.

Sometimes even insiders can steal your sensitive or business data. They can easily hurt the company by stealing your business data. In some cases, your employee’s account can also get hacked. Your data can also get leaked due to these factors.

You need to create a comprehensive security strategy for your business. It will help you in addressing all the potential vulnerabilities. In this article, we are going to share some strategies that will help you in mitigating a data breach.

  1. Raise awareness

Most data breaches actually occur due to human errors. Sometimes your employees can be the cause of a data breach. Thus, you should educate your employees first. Make sure that your employees know about basic security practices. They should know about simple attacks like phishing and social engineering. There is no software that can protect your entire organization from data breaches and that’s why you need to create a strong security strategy.

You should host training workshops during the cloud adoption process. This will ensure that your employees know about basic security tactics. Your employees will know about the security threats that they will face in the cloud. Make sure that you are covering different types of data breaches like exfiltration and phishing schemes. Thus, your employees can avoid these threats.

Your employees should know about the preventative measures that they can take for mitigating data breach threats. Regular training will ensure that your team knows about the latest data breach threats.

  1. Encrypt your information and data

Encryption is the most important technique that companies are using for protecting their data. The best thing about data encryption is that it is even accessible to small companies. If you are encrypting your data, then other people can’t read it. You need keys to decrypting your data. Thus, hackers can’t read your data even after stealing it. You should encrypt your data before storing it on your cloud platform. Attackers will mainly target your business data. Thus, you should use encryption algorithms for protecting your data. You can use various security tools for protecting your data.

  1. Minimize the sensitive data that you are storing in the cloud

You can’t store your entire database on the cloud. It is important to store your sensitive data in a private cloud server. Make sure that you are storing highly sensitive documents, matters, proprietary company technology, and customer payments in your in-house server. You will greater control over your data if you are storing it in your in-house server. This will ensure that you can implement the best security controls for protecting this data.

If you are only using the cloud, then you should use redaction techniques. These techniques will help you in omitting the most confidential data from your records. If you are using automated redaction tools, then it will make your sensitive data susceptible during cloud data breaches. Make sure to limit what you are moving to the cloud platform.

  1. Work with an MSP

Cloud security can be very difficult to achieve. It is difficult to mitigate data breach. You should work with experienced MSPs like Bleuwire. They will help you in creating a robust cybersecurity strategy. IT experts will use the best security practices for protecting your data. They will provide the foundation to your team. Your MSP will help you in protecting the data that you are storing on the cloud. They will help you in addressing all the security risks. Your partner will implement various security solutions. These security solutions will protect your data from attackers and hackers.

  1. Data breach response plan

Sometimes even the best mitigation plan can fail. It is very hard to protect your organization from data breaches. You should focus on creating a data breach response plan. This response plan will help you in recovering from a data breach.

Your breach response plan will help you in minimizing the data loss. First, you should minimize the effect of a data breach. Make sure to isolate your affected system from the rest of the network. After that, you should document the breach and response. Try to stabilize your organization and start your regular operations again. Make sure that you are regularly communicating with all the parties involved. Your MSP will help you at this stage. They will help you in quickly recovering your systems.


You can use these tips for protecting your data from a data breach. It is very difficult to avoid a data breach. Even large companies can sometimes get hacked. Thus, you should be ready with a data breach response plan. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in securing your cloud environment. They will also help you in creating a strong security strategy. This will ensure that your business is protected from hackers. If you need more tips regarding cloud security, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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