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How to Overcome Hybrid Cloud Management Challenges

By January 6, 2021No Comments
Hybrid Cloud Management Challenges

There are various benefits of using cloud technology. Thus, most businesses are migrating to the cloud platform. Companies are now slowly moving towards a hybrid cloud environment. These cloud environments are offering better flexibility, control, and security to the organizations. IT teams can find it difficult to deal with the new cloud environment. In this article, we are going to talk about the major hybrid cloud management challenges that businesses are facing.

  1. Integration

Businesses are creating a cohesive environment by using both public and private clouds. You should have a deep understanding of how to build the IT infrastructure. Your IT team should try to implement a good set of policies and processes. It is important to find the best processes for your cloud environment. Also, it is important to find the right patterns and processes for your cloud environment. If you have to manage hundreds of processes and applications, then it is going to be very difficult to manage your IT infrastructure. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in solving this problem. They will help you in integrating cloud tools with on-premise solutions.

  1. Cloud monitoring and management

Your cloud provider will provide you with native monitoring and management tools. These services will be generally available by using API. However, the main problem is that you still need to integrate these tools with your on-premise management system.

Most enterprises want to use a single management system for dealing with their systems. It can be difficult to use two different monitoring and management systems. Thus, most organizations are trying to integrate their on-premise tools with cloud tools. They are looking for more streamlined management options. There are various tools available in the market that can help you in monitoring your entire cloud.

  1. Network infrastructure

Network performance and latency is another very important point for cloud management. Your network design should account for your bandwidth needs. It should focus on the management of public and private clouds. Every application is going to have different network requirements. You need to mention these network requirements in your network design plan.

Network engineers should know about the scalability requirements of your application. Every application is going to have different scalability requirements. Also, these scalability requirements are going to have a different impact on your IT infrastructure. You should create a network map as it will help you in understanding your network. Your IT team can use this map for finding devices and applications in your complex network.

  1. Security

This is another very big challenge that you need to deal with. Many organizations are using identity and access management solutions for dealing with this challenge. If you are using these systems across your public and private clouds, then you need to invest a lot of effort. You need coordinated efforts for meeting both compliance and security requirements.

Every business should implement the basic security features for protecting their data. Also, if you are working in the financial or health care industry, then you need to follow difficult security compliance. You should know where you are storing your data and you should know about the people that have access to this data. This can be a big challenge as cloud environments are generally complex in nature. These environments become much more complex when you are using a hybrid cloud. You will have access to hundreds of private and public servers.

Thus, you need to map your data and find where you are storing your sensitive data. Also, you should create a list of people that have access to this data. This is going to be a tough task for your IT team.

You should also try to automate your security controls by using open-source tools. There are various open-source tools available in the market that can help you in monitoring your network. These tools will provide visibility to your organization.

  1. Control and visibility

If you are using a public cloud, then it will increase the risk and complexity of your network. It will become very difficult to control all the systems that you are using. If you can’t see your entire IT infrastructure, then how will you control it?

This is a big issue for network admins who are using manual methods for monitoring their networks. It is almost impossible to manually patch your systems.

This can result in your security getting compromised. If your organization doesn’t have good visibility, then it will become very difficult to implement self-service systems. Anyone can change your cloud configuration without prior permissions.

If you want to protect your hybrid cloud, then you should try to automate everything. This will help you in maintaining your entire IT infrastructure. You should try to even implement security as a code. In simple words, you should try to avoid the manual process. IT automation will help you in avoiding manual tasks. This will also help you in passing most of the security audits.

It is important to use tools that will provide centralized visibility and management to your business. However, you should also ensure that these tools are open in nature. If you are using tools that are based on open standards, then it will become easy to find people that know about these tools.


These are the major cloud management challenges that businesses are facing. It can be difficult to deal with these challenges until you have access to a good cloud team. Thus, you should consider working with a good MSP. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire have access to both security and cloud professionals. They can help you in managing your complex hybrid cloud environment. Also, they will help you in monitoring your network. You can work with time for managing your cloud migration process. This will ensure that you don’t need to worry about managing your complex cloud infrastructure. They will help you in finding the best tools for your complex infrastructure. If you need more tips regarding cloud management, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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