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How to Prevent Frequent Computer Crashes

By May 14, 2019No Comments

Just imagine a world without a computer, do you think we can carry on the same way? No, today we are so dependent on computers for our day to day work that if computer shutdowns for a day we get restless and our work remains incomplete.

Not only in IT sectors but in general cafes and shops, computers are the most important device that stores their data and other important information. Even in households, we have our PCs that handle our daily tasks and keep our data safe. In schools, colleges, banks, offices, factories everywhere computers and laptops are the primary means for their respective work.

On the other hand, imagine that this important data keeping device just freezes for a while; we will surely get a panic attack. But this is a common issue among everyone using computers and laptops.

Computer freezing or crashing is a condition when the operating system doesn’t run properly or just stop working or if the hardware is not working properly. There is a frequent complaint of having a desktop crash and burn.

In this post, we will highlight a few basic methods with which we can avoid the crashing of computers.

How to know that the computer is about to crash?

There are certain signs that depict that our computer is going to crash. We need to pay attention to it. This will do half of the work and help us to prevent crashing of computers.

  1. Your computer is running slow

There are many reasons for slowing down of computer like full memory, computer software not working properly, etc.

  1. Your computer keeps on showing boot errors

Many times when you restart your computer, the screen shows ‘boot device not found’ or ‘reboot your desktop.’ This is an indication that the computer is about to crash.

  1. Do you find your hard drive making different sounds

When you start hearing different noises from your hard drive that is unusual, then this indicates that your computer is heading towards death.

  1. Many pop-up windows

When you experience an unusual popup of windows, your computer is infected by adware. This infected operating system is going to freeze in the near future.

  1. Files are getting corrupted

Files cannot be fixed once corrupted. So, if the files and data are being corrupted, it’s the time to get your computer software repaired before it dies.

  1. Overheating of computers

If your computer is overheated without much use, it can damage your computer permanently. So, try to maintain a proper cool temperature for your computer.

If you observe these signs, try to maintain the performance of your computer to avoid crashing.

Tips to prevent crashing of your computer

  1. Avoid running too many programs at once

If you do so, the system is likely to crash because it is unable to handle so many operations at once.

  1. Keep on checking the space

If you are running out of space, many files are compactly stored in your device can cause crashing of the system. Keep updating your computer and maintain the free space of your C drive. If the C drive has too many files, then it directly affects the RAM and cache memory gets crowded which delays the proper functioning of the computer, and the programs keep on lagging behind.

  1. Make a note of what sites you visit

There are many untrusted sites that we come across daily. These untrusted sites download malware and adware to your system that interrupts the proper functioning of the system, and the system hangs then as a result of it.

  1. Virus software act as a key

Keep on updating the antivirus software in order to avoid the infected computer software programs. This helps us to prevent new viruses from attacking our computer. These viruses are annoying and hard to get rid of. Also, they directly affect the memory and processor of the computer.

  1. Upgrade your operating system

Your old and outdated operating system can work slow and may not support many files that you need to run. So keep your operating system updated for better performance.

  1. Beware

Don’t open an unknown file through email from someone you don’t know or any link sent while surfing the internet. This can be a link either to hack your computer or just send irrelevant files that can slow down the system.

  1. Backup is required

You must keep a backup of your important files. In case your computer crashes suddenly, these backup files will store the valuable documents and decrease the problems faced.

  1. Clean computer

Keep your computer clean and dust free. Many times dust gets deposited in the motherboard or inside the CPU which hinders the proper functioning of the computer. So you need to clean and maintain the computer.

  1. Location matters

You must keep the computer at such a place where it is easy for the computer to cool down and get proper air circulation. If the computer is placed at a compact area and doesn’t get proper ventilation or air, then it gets heated up quickly, and this heat tends to damage the system permanently.

  1. Avoid overclocking of your CPU

Trying to get maximum performance from your computer or more than that through overclocking can damage your hardware permanently. It increases the thermal output leading to overheating of the device. These all are going to crash the system.

So, we must not forget that we are the one who runs our computer and NOT the computers which run us. So it is our responsibility to maintain the computers to get better performance and keep on cross checking about the disturbances that may lead to computer crashes. Our systems also need a little care after the harsh use that we do every day. Hence we must try to give attention to the little signs that our system is giving us and protect them from the death of crash and burn. Also, we must be aware of in order to protect the system from foreign disturbances.

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