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How to Properly Purchase a Managed Backup Service

By October 2, 2018December 23rd, 2018No Comments3 min read

A good backup is one of the most important components of your IT security. A working backup is your security if something unexpected happens to your data. For example, if you lose data, you can rely on the backup. Therefore, it makes sense to devote dedicated staff and time to the area of data protection. Alternatively, you can also buy the data backup as a managed service from a service provider. In the following, I want to explain to you what to look for when buying.

Responsibilities must be clarified

The managed backup service (backup as a service) also has to be regulated for what the IT service providers and what they are responsible for. As a rule, the client should at least provide the necessary infrastructure. It is also your task to accept the data backup concept that the IT service provider should create with you. The data protection concept stipulates how what should be secured when and where. This is the foundation of every managed backup concept and should, therefore, be agreed and approved before the start of the managed service. Then you should be on this basis with the IT solution provider record in writing which services are provided exactly.

Backup as a managed service

  • A good managed backup service should always include a daily monitoring or monitoring of the data backup. Typically, 3-5% of all backup jobs fail for a variety of reasons. After all, it can cause considerable damage if you need your backup, but it has not worked for several days. Then you have to accept a data loss of several days.
  • Furthermore, the IT service provider should provide suitable remote maintenance software so that he can manage your systems.
  • A monthly report on the success of data protection, which the IT service provider regularly submits, should also provide you with important information and serve as a control tool.
  • Next up is configuring, troubleshooting, and repeating failed backups among the IT service provider’s tasks.
  • Also, the testing of the data recovery must not be missing. You can manually restore selected folders or virtual machines and record the results of those tests in a report. This should be done at least twice a year, but can also be done quarterly or monthly.
  • Of course, a documentation about the configuration of the data backup is necessary so that it is comprehensible at later times how the backup was set up. This should also be done at least twice a year.
  • As a matter, of course, we see that troubleshooting with the help of manufacturers is analyzed and coordinated by the service provider.
  • It is also recommended that the IT support company carry out an analysis of the storage capacities at least every six months, and coordinate with you accordingly. In this context, the state of the possibly existing LTO storage media must be checked at the same time as to whether they have no excessive read and write errors.
  • In addition to the clarification of the operating and performance times, the backup emergency plan should be updated according to your needs. This includes testing it using a disaster recovery simulation. Only through testing can you learn how well your emergency plan works. You can then adjust or change this if necessary.


A working backup is essential! Therefore, when you hand over your backup to an IT service provider, make sure that it is done reasonably and in your favor. It’s all about your data! So, before you take advantage of a managed backup service, if possible, check with your administrator or the above points to see if the managed service offered will provide the performance that meets your needs for a good backup. If you have any questions about the topic, please contact us!

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