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How to Replace CD/DVD/BD Drive in Your Desktop Computer?

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The world has modernized itself to such an extent where we are dependent on the technology for our work, whether its calculation, downloading stuff, or even for the entertainment. We have become addicted to our laptops, computer, and mobile phones.

A computer or laptop has become an important part of our lives. Nowadays all of our work is done either on our computer or laptop. It is a device which stores all your files and even helps you with the entertainment when required. It has become one of those resources for us without it our lives are incomplete.

When one of its parts like CD/DVD/BD drive fails to perform its function, then it has to be replaced. It becomes very irritating when you want to play your games or watch a movie, but your CD drive is not working or reading properly. Then all you can do is just to wait to get it fixed and do nothing till that moment.

So, instead of waiting for a technician to fix it, you can even try to solve these problems at home by following some very easy steps, or you can call somebody who has the knowledge of these things.

The problems of DVD/CD/BD failures are very common. If the desktop computer doesn’t identify the CD/DVD or have a problem while ejecting the DVD, then it is the time to replace it.  It is very easy to replace your CD/DVD/BD drive. You just have to find the correct connections and dimensions.

Some problems you might see in your CD/DVD/BD drive.

  • Check Connections-

The most common problems seen in this part is the connectivity. Often times, it happens that the connection is not proper or one of the cord is disconnected. Check all the cords if they are connected properly. If they are connected properly and still your drive is not functioning properly, then it can be an issue with the CD driver.

  • Try different methods to eject

Fewer times the DVD drive does not open. Try to press the button for some more time and if still it does not open, restart your computer. Even if still does not open then select the eject option and even after that it does not open then it’s time to call the technician.

  • Check for software issues

Often times your software stops recognizing the DVD. Always try to solve the problem by restarting your computer. After that, try to check the status of your drive in “my computers”. The windows will try to recognize the problem if there is and will show that the device is working properly; it does not have any problem. But if the DVD drive does not respond, then it is clearly understood that it needs to be changed.

After analyzing if you come to the conclusion that your DVD/CD driver needs to be replaced, then here are some steps which you can follow to fix this problem.

To replace the old drive with the new one follow the given steps-

If you want to solve the problems on your own, you can follow the given steps

Firstly, you have to find a new drive.

To find a new drive, you at least need to have the knowledge about the dimensions of your drive. Sometimes it may have more space and depth other times it may not. So just check the depth of the drive and find the correct one for your desktop.

Now, the step will include uninstalling the old software.

As soon as you remove your old drive, you will have to uninstall your old software as it will not work with the new drive. The old drive is branded with the old software, which is why it will not work when you replace it with the new drive. So at the time of replacing you will have to update the new software also.

After this, install the new drive.

To install a new drive, the first thing you need to do is to switch off your computer. Now try to disconnect all the cord and open the back case. Now remove the screws or the release rails. Note all the connections and try to remove the old drive without changing any connections and then insert the new one.

Next step is to install the new software.

Once you insert the new drive, power on your computer back. Now let the windows identify the new changes. Although windows will need a restart to finalize the changes. After following all these processes, your new drive is ready.

It is always advised to restart your device and check whether the problem is still occurring or not. If it does not, then, you can carry on with your work, but if it does then follow the above steps mentioned.

Those were some steps which can help you to replace the old DVD drive with the new one. It becomes very easy to perform this task with these steps, but if you still face any problem, you can always contact the experts and get it done by them.

In some cases, if you’re CD/DVD/BD drive does not open, and you want to open it temporarily, you can either use a paper clip or a pin to open it just once and then you can take it to the experts for further check.

In the end, you can always contact the customer care services

If you fail to fix the problems related to your DVD drive, you can anytime contact the professionals for help. Sometimes it happens that while fixing the cords, we connect the wrong cords which can create more problems. So if you feel that the problem cannot be fixed by you, then you should contact the professionals as soon as possible. It can prevent some serious damage to your desktop.

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