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How to Restore Deleted Images in Your PC?

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Restoring deleted images back to your PC can be a little complicated but is a widespread activity. Lots of memories are captured in an image, and losing them can be disheartening. In general, deletion is done by mistake. When the user no longer needs a particular image file, the file is deleted from the PC.

The deleted files and folders are usually sent to the Recycle Bin of the PC, which is an application used for storing deleted files and folders. It is straightforward to recover files from the recycle bin, but if permanent deletion is performed, it can be a pain in the neck to restore the deleted media files. Therefore, it is always recommended to avoid permanent deletion of the files and folders which were once considered as necessary.

The files and folders in the recycle bin can be quickly recovered and restored back to the location. However, installing a deleted images recovery software in your PC also proves to be helpful as it assists to restore permanently deleted files and folders. Some of the software applications in this category are available for free, and paid versions are also available.

Methods to restore deleted images:

There are several ways through which you can restore the deleted images in your PC. Some of the ways ate listed below:

  1. Temporary Deleted files:

When you delete a particular file or folder, it is stored in the Recycle Bin. The Recycle Bin is a folder where all the deleted media files, video files, audio files, etc. are stored. In order to restore the images from the recycle bin, click the recycle bin icon on the desktop. When the recycle bin opens, search for the deleted files and folders which you want to restore.

When you find it, select it and right click on it. Click on the restore option which appears in the stop down menu. The files and folders get restored. This is the easiest method to recover deleted images. But this can be done only if permanent deletion is not performed

  1. Permanently Deleted files:

If permanent deletion is performed, you have to install a software which helps you to recover the deleted images. When your image files are deleted, you can install the software in another PC. If you install the software in your PC, then the deleted image files can be removed, and it would become difficult to restore the image files.

Insert a flash drive in another computer and download the software on the flash drive. You can now use the software installed in the flat drive to recover the deleted images in your PC. This method prevents overwriting as the software is installed in another PC. Insert the flash drive in one of the USB ports of your PC. This software helps to scan your computer through which you can restore the deleted images back to your PC.

Installing an image recovery software:

The novel mentioned methods are very easy to follow, and your images can be recovered back in no time. But in the case of permanent deletion of files or overwriting, it becomes difficult to restore the deleted images. If your files are prone to frequent deletion and recovery, it is crucial to install an image recovery software well in advance.

A photo recovery software helps you to get back all the deleted media files, audio files, video files, etc. There are many software types available in this category. You can install anyone beforehand so that you can recover all the important deleted files. Given below are some of the advantages of using a photo recovery software:

  • This kind of software is made for home use as well as for business needs. It is considered to be an essential tool to recover lost files and folders in big companies and organizations. This software is straightforward to use and is considered to be the fastest method to recover all the deleted files and folders in your PC.
  • It saves a lot of time and money. A photo recovery software is available for free. You can install the software on your PC and enjoy all the benefits.
  • The software can retrieve the inaccessible data from any kind of storage device like a flash drive, memory card, hard disk, pen drive, etc. Data can be accessed from inaccessible and corrupted storage locations.
  • The software provides full recovery of files and folders if the data is not corrupted.
  • It locates the deleted files and folders in the hard disk and restores it back in your PC.

Working of Photo Recovery Software

When you save an image file or folder in your PC, all the details and its location is saved in the File Allocation Table. When you delete a particular file or folder permanently, it gets deleted from your PC, and its details are also deleted from the File Allocation Table. The files do not get permanently deleted but are actually physically present in the hard drive.

The purpose of a photo recovery software is to locate the particular image file or folder from the storage devices like hardware, memory carded, flash drive, etc. The location of the deleted file is found on the hard disk of the PC, and the desired files get restored back to the PC with the click of a few buttons.

Restoring the deleted image files is a straightforward task but can be tiresome if the correct tools are not available. It is essential to install a photo recovery software in your PC in order to avoid any kind of deletion problems and troubles in the future. Above all, it is crucial to avoid permanent deletion of files and folders and store the deleted files in the recycle bin of your PC.

This method is secure and less time-consuming. The deleted files and folders can be easily restored without any issues or problems. However, photo recovery software is also a great option to consider in order to restore the deleted files and folders.

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