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How to Stay Safe Using Public WI-Fi?

By June 15, 2019No Comments6 min read

In earlier times it was difficult to communicate between 2 people who lived in distant places. It took days to transfer a single piece of information from one person to another person. But these days the boundary separating people to communicate has come to an end.

These days communication has been achieved through connectivity. The Internet has been an immensely effective discovery that helps people in connecting with each other situated in distant places, within seconds or in no time.

Connectivity can be defined as a program that connects two or more devices altogether for effective communication. Different type of connecting system operates between devices. Some of them are operated through a modem or through cables and many more. One of the most enhanced and advanced connectivity systems that helps in the easy connection between the two devices is known as Wi-Fi.

What is WiFi technology?

Wi-Fi is an integrated connection inbuilt in an area that helps the electronic devices like computer, smartphones, laptops to establish a connection over the internet to communicate from one device to another device.

It helps in establishing a strong connection within the area in which it is inbuilt. It operates wirelessly, so no need of wire or any cable is required to connect. A Wi-Fi helps in building a secure connection. It has boundary limitation; therefore, it can be only accessed within its boundary range.

What are the various components of a Wi-Fi network?

Wi-Fi network is inbuilt by incorporating different components altogether. The basic components of a Wi-Fi network are as follows:-

  • Wireless router –

It is the major component of a wireless network. It acts as a major control point that provides access to different other components of a Wi-Fi network. Hence it is called the major access point. It is also called a router as it manages the connection between different components.

  • Wire-based connection – The main router consists of one or more ethernet port. The host is used to connect the router to a modem or to the wire-based networking.
  • Wireless NIC – NIC stands for network information card. NIC is important to establish secure communication with the router. It can be installed in your electronic device like computers and laptops to get it easily connected to the wireless router.

How do Wi-Fi works?

Wi-Fi network works in a coordinated way to transfer information across a network. It uses radio waves for transmitting the information.

  • It works by using a wireless adaptor that translates the data received into radio signals.
  • The converted signal is then transferred through an antenna of a router that can decode the received signal.
  • Then after the signal is decoded, it is passed over the internet through ethernet post.
  • The router at receiver’s end receives the data and transform it into radio signals again.
  • The radio signals are taken by the adaptor at receiver’s end and then again converted into meaningful data.

What are the benefits of using Wi-Fi?

  • It provides easy movement around the area of the network instead of sitting at one place for network connection.
  • No requirement of wires to share files or data.
  • Multiple users can be connected at the same time over the network.
  • Building a Wi-Fi connection in places like malls or cafes attract a lot of people and customers, which in turn increases the business.
  • The connections are flexible to use and it transfers the file and data instantly without any time boundations.

WiFi at public places-

Wireless networking has appeared useful in different prospects; therefore, it’s uses is getting maximized in different sectors or fields of human development.

The Wi-Fi network or the free wireless network is normally installed in large public places. Installation of public Wi-Fi network can help in establishing a secure connection within a large number of people. When installed in public places like cafes, restaurants, it can also help in attracting a large number of customers to these places, thereby increasing the business of that particular owner.

Use of Wi-Fi at public places provides various benefits, but it comes with various problems associated with it as well.

How to stay safe using public Wi-Fi?

  1. No personal or financial transaction-

Any individual should not carry out personal of financial transaction in the public Wi-Fi as it may sometimes lead to leakage of your stored information.

  1. Forget network-

This option should be checked so as to forget the network after using it.

  1. Used two-factor authentication-

This is the Best step to protect your data from hackers even if they found out your username and password, they will not be able to get access to your account.

  1. Always turn off the automatic connection-

This factor should be turned off as it affects your store data in getting connected to an unknown source.

  1. Installing antivirus-

Antivirus should be installed on your device while using any public Wi-Fi. It protects your system and its information from the malware by detecting it and blocking it. As soon as the malware or hacker tries to intrude into your system, it will show up a message related to the intruder and will block it.

  1. Fireball should be enabled-

A fireball is computer software which protects your computer and its store information from the malware threats or hackers. It should be turned on while using any public network as it helps in preventing unauthorized access to your information or stored data from an unknown source. It can be switched on from the system control panel.

  1. Using HTTPs-

Even if you do not have a VPN to access the network, try using sites which are encrypted as they protect your data. HTTPs stands for hypertext transfer protocol. Try using sites starting with HTTP as it shows that sites are encrypted and therefore protect your data from hackers while surfing on these sites.

  1. Using a VPN-

VPN stands for the virtual private network. It is an important tool that helps in securing your information when connected with any public network. It can act as a barrier between the user and the server by hiding the data transfer from the hackers when passed from one source to another source.

  1. Turn off sharing-

Protection of your store data and information should be taken care of before connecting to any public network connections. So after verifying the network, one should switch off the file sharing option so as to protect your files from being hacked. The option can be turned off from the system control panel.

  1. Verify and configure the network-

Hackers are always intruding to hack the data and information. So the users should play and surf smart. They should clearly observe the network before use. They should verify the network or should look for the IP address providing the local area network. After verifying the network properly, then the users should configure to the network.


Wi-Fi is a modern computer network with many advantages. But it proves benefits when safety measures are taken care of.

Digital security is very important as it leads to leakage of personal information. Therefore one should take care of their data and information by adopting the above-given measures as a measure of safety while using public Wi-Fi.

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