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How to Take Care of Your Laptop in Summer?

By August 13, 2019No Comments

Summer is arriving and so does the heat that is going to affect your laptop. All laptop owners, every summer registers the problem of the technology being affected by the anonymous heat and temperature. The invention of laptops was necessary for context with portability and size issues of early computers.

A laptop has all the features and components that the big computers with a CPU have. Imagine how compactly the parts are fitted into it. The heat produced during the working of the laptop is flown out through a spinning fan around the corner of the laptop. When things are hot internally, the external heat from the environment can be harmful to it. This doesn’t mean that your device is at fault. Not at all.

When the device is heated enough that you think it would blast (probably not), it will work abnormally that includes:

  • Maybe it shuts down abruptly?
  • It starts working slow.
  • The battery may expand.
  • Either hard disks connected would expand or will not function at all.
  • Hang in the middle of running files.

There are steps that you have to follow to keep your laptops away from high temperatures to make it function normally. If you are thinking of putting it inside your freezers or sprinkling water over it, please stop. It’s a full-fledged working machine and not your toy.

Few necessary precautions to keep your device stable are:

  • Prevent direct sunlight

If you are a nature lover and love working outside in your balcony or lawn, prevent direct sunlight to hit the laptop. Choose a place that is cooler than other parts of your open area. The fan inside the device can only help blow out the hot air inside it but external heat doesn’t have an option to be blown out.

  • Install heat processor applications

You can never know the exact temperature that is unsafe for the laptops. The CPU has chips that get disrupted due to the heat. There are apps available that continuously runs a check on the temperature of the CPU and will warn the user.

  • Don’t use beds and couches for operating laptops.

Fluffy places like beds, couches, sofas, blankets are advised to be avoided in the summers for operating laptops. The fan is located under the keyboard plate. If the area is suffocated by these fat cotton, it will be difficult for the air to escape. Therefore, heat blown out will get reversed inside the compact space causing the laptop to disrupt.

  • Use stands for the efficient escape of the hot air

If there is an ample amount of space for the air to escape, then the fan will work effectively. Without blockage and obstruction, the internal heat is passed out faster. This surely will decrease the cases of your laptops experiencing abrupt shutdowns.

  • Clean the fan if you can

People who are comfortable in opening the backside of the laptops can clean the fan before summer arrives. By cleaning the fans, you can clear all the dust and dirt. The faster the fan works the cooler your laptop will be.

  • Avoid intense CPU processes.

CPU is the brain of the device, hence to keep it safe from the external nuisances is your responsibility. Avoiding CPU exhaustion is a must in summer. Certain activities that pressurize the processor may format the data and information.

  • Give your laptop a break.

Rigorous working on electronic devices may affect its function. In summers, you should give breaks to it by putting it on sleep mode or simply shutting it down. Cooling helps in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the laptops.

  • Don’t put in direct heat inside your hot car.

If you are putting your laptop inside a heated car, keep it completely turned off so that further damage is not caused.

  • Keep your data are backed up.

Heating problems often lead to unexpected shutting down of the laptops which in turn may lead to the formatting of the device. It’s safe to keep your data backed up in a secondary storage.

  • Use cases and sleeves that are moisture and heat rated.

The laptop cases that are used by you should have moisture, shock and heat protection. You don’t only have to protect the laptop when at home but also put extra effort into providing care to it outside the house.

  • Prefer air-conditioned areas.

Well, it’s acceptable that you are not going to buy an air conditioner just for the sake of cooling your laptops. Yet, if you have it or you know places that are cool enough to operate your device, do prefer it.

  • Avoid unnecessary use of your device.

When you are going to take rest, don’t keep your laptops switched on. Switch it off as your laptop also needs to rest. Rest will increase your laptop’s efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Do not use your laptop on your lap.

When you keep your laptop on your lap, you block the space from where the air will get blown out. Despite its name being a laptop, you shouldn’t use it like that to prevent heating.

  • Get a laptop cooling pad.

Other than your efforts to cool your device, you can also buy a cooling pad directly if you are an intense laptop user.  The technology will keep your laptops away from heating and unsafe temperatures.

Summers can be very exhausting plus dangerous for your laptop. We normally invest a lot on our laptops and certainly don’t want it to get damaged due to extreme outdoor temperatures. Therefore, we need to take good care and give proper attention to our laptops.

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