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How Unorganized Data Can Affect Your Company

By December 15, 2020No Comments5 min read
Unorganized Data

ISPs can collect their customer’s data. They can also sell this data to their companies. This law was recently in the U.S.A. It is a reminder of how the current marketplace is operating. Businesses have access to huge datasets and they can use them to make money.

Thanks to the advancement in big data, companies are storing and collecting a huge amount of data sets. They are using these datasets for creating more customized services and products for their customers. Thus, intellectual know-how has become the most important asset for businesses. You can’t promote your services until you have access to the correct market data. The best marketers have access to the most accurate and recent data. They can use this data for targeting their customers.

Businesses are slowly embracing big data for attracting more customers. Most companies are struggling with the unorganized data as it is very hard to understand this data. It is not simple to store and analyze this data.

If you don’t have a good data structuring plan, then it will become very difficult to handle your data. This plan will help you in managing and storing your data. The unorganized data is slowly becoming an unsustainable burden for businesses. This data will become a big hurdle for your business in the future. Thus, you should work on dealing with unorganized data.

The exponential increase in data will cost you millions of dollars. According to a report from IBM, US companies are wasting more than $3 trillion in bad data every year. Some of the main disadvantages of unstructured data sets are:

  1. Wasted Time

It is very difficult to retrieve unstructured data. Your team will waste a lot of time in retrieving this data. This time is very important for your business as your team could’ve worked on improving your products during this data.

Searching these data sets is a very tough job. You will waste your team in searching through these data sets. If your competitors are organizing their data, then they can easily search through it. Thus, your competitors can easily beat you by analyzing their customer data. The marketplace has become competitive with time. It is important to ensure that you can quickly store and find your data. This will ensure that you won’t give a clear edge to your competitors. If you are not organizing your data, then you can’t use your data.

  1. Limitations in forecasting and reporting

If you can’t use your data for creating business reports, then your data is useless. It should help you in understanding your business environment. You can’t use unorganized datasets to make correct predictions and conclusions. This data won’t help you in understanding what your customers actually want.

Incomplete, flawed, and inaccurate data will generally lead to wrong decisions. Due to this, you will waste a lot of important business opportunities. Unorganized data sets can ruin all your marketing strategies.

It is important to predict the demands and behavior of your customers. You should focus on making accurate assessments by analyzing your customer’s data. Most businesses can’t create a good marketing strategy because they don’t have access to organized data sets. You can’t use unorganized data sets for analyzing your customer’s behavior.

  1. Unpreparedness

Unorganized data sets will also have an effect on your disaster recovery plan. If you don’t have a clear picture of your data, then it will become impossible to create a good disaster recovery plan. Due to this, you can’t keep your business afloat during a disaster. Your plan should contain data about your business assets. However, your unorganized data sets will hinder this process. Due to this, your business won’t be prepared for a disaster.

  1. Ineffective

If you want to attract or retain customers, then you should work on personalizing the marketing campaign messages. Most big companies are using this tactic for attracting new customers. It also helps them in retaining the customers that they already have. Marketers can use customer data for figuring out their behavior. This will help them in creating personalized campaigns for your data. It will also help you in improving your email metrics which will help you in saving a lot of money.

If you want to stay in the market, then you should work on creating a personalized environment. You can’t use organized data for creating personalized campaigns.

According to a report from the CMO, more than 74% of customers are frustrated because companies are not delivering them the content that they want. It is important to work on solutions that your customers actually want. This will ensure that you can retain the customers that you already have. Also, it will help you in attracting new customers. If you are not satisfying your customers, then they will move to other business rivals who are using their data for creating personalized solutions.

  1. Data Death Spiral

Business data sets are growing by more than 70% every year. Every business is trying to collect more data from their customers. Thus, it is very important to ensure that you are organizing your data. If you are not organizing your data, then slowly it will become impossible to fix this problem. After some time, the data will spiral out of control. It will ultimately affect your business productivity and profits. Thus, you should work on controlling this data before it becomes a big headache for your business.


These are the main disadvantage of storing unorganized data sets. Companies shouldn’t waste their resources in storing these huge unorganized data sets. You should try to save as many resources as you can. If your data is organized, then you can use it for making better business decisions. Thus, it will help you in creating better products for your business. Experience MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in dealing with this problem. They can help you in moving to cloud storage where you don’t need to worry about limited storage. If you need more information regarding IT services, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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