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HP Laptop Motherboard Repairs

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Laptops are a necessity of today’s world. Technology is advancing and if one wants to compete in the race of technology, he or she should be well knowledgeable and equipped with technological products. A laptop is one such technological product which is designed to carry on different functions.

Laptops are the modified versions or mini versions of computers and are handy. Different types of laptops are launched by different brands. One of the most trusted and reliable laptop brand is HP laptops. They are designed to be carried easily and faster in functioning. These mini versions of computer do not require any setting up or wires for connections to function. These laptops are cordless and consist of a charger to charge its battery when needed.

The HP laptop or any other laptop appears simple in structure from outside but complex from inside. It is composed of different components which are integrated or assembled all together to form the functioning body of the laptop. Any defect in even a single component may affect the functioning of the entire laptop. One such component important for the functioning of any laptop is its motherboard.

What is a motherboard?

The motherboard is an integrated circuit consisting of components which altogether forms a single unit due to which computer functions. The motherboard has no use on its own or outside the computer or laptop. It connects different source or peripherals of a computer from one another. It also connects the different electronic components of a computer system or laptop. Communication between the CPU and memory unit is regulated by the motherboard itself.

Components of a motherboard-

The motherboard of a laptop or any other electronic device consists of different types of parts referred to as its components which are responsible for the functioning of the device.

  • Microprocessor –

It is referred to as the brain of an electronic device, and it controls the instruction to execute a program and to run a system.

  • Computer memory –

Responsible for storing data in the form of chips, so as to use when required by the user.

  • The BIOS –

It is a software inbuilt in the motherboard that helps link interaction between the hardware and the operating system.

  • The CMOS battery –

These help in the organization of the memory based RAM chips when the device is in the power-off state.

Different other components are also present in the motherboard, but important ones are mentioned above.

Working of a motherboard

When the computer or laptop is switched on, signals are created. These signals are then transferred to different components of the motherboard which function as the main regulatory system, and it transmits signals for the two other attached devices in order to create a particular response.

How to detect defects in your HP laptop motherboard?

  • Physical examination –

Before any other step, one should first physically check the motherboard to see if any damaged or defective parts are visible or not.

  • Burning smell –

Sometimes, while working on your computer burning smell or unusual odor is observed, this may indicate overheated components of the motherboard.

  • Freezing issues –

If your computer freezes very frequently while working, then there is a possibility of the defective motherboard.

  • Unusual working of peripherals –

Some peripherals may show unusual working pattern depicting error while working.

  • Long booting time –

If the device takes longer time than expected during booting up, there may be a fault in the motherboard.

  • POST –

It stands for power on self-test. Motherboard performs this when the device is switched on. Any kind of irregularity in the motherboard can be detected by checking on this POST.

How to Detect HP laptop motherboard problem?

The motherboard is an essential component that needs to be repaired as soon as one finds a defect in it. Different methods can be adopted to perform your HP laptop motherboard repair like-

  1. Checking the functioning of your monitor –

All the cable fixing of your monitor should be examined properly. The loose cables need to be tightened. All these things need to be done when your monitor is in a power-off state. After checking the cables’ placement, power on your laptop to see if it still shows an error or blue screen errors.

  1. Checking the graphics hardware

Graphic cards are installed in your motherboard. If your graphic card is not functioning properly, then it is a sign that your motherboard is defective. To check you need to take out the graphic card and use an alternative video cable plugged into your motherboard. If the device starts with no issues, then your graphic card was defective.

  1. Battery check –

CMOS battery is placed on your motherboard. The motherboard issues may be due to fast draining of the battery. So to examine this, the battery should be removed, and the laptop should be switched on to see if the problem still persists.

  1. Memory check –

Damage to the memory unit may alter the motherboard functioning. Check your memory by switching on the laptop after removing your memory chip. If the problem is solved, then you need to repair your memory unit or memory chip.

  1. Internal hardware check –

Interior hardware are required for laptops to function. If a defect or issue arises in the hardware, then the function of the motherboard may get lost. Their functioning of these hardwares need to be cleared and if an issue arises then they need to be repaired.


The proper functioning of the motherboard is essential for any HP laptop or any other laptop for that case. In the absence of the proper functioning of the motherboard, the system fails to operate as there is no unit to integrate the different components together for the proper functioning of the laptop.

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