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In-House IT Support vs. Outsourcing: Which Is More Effective In Ensuring Business Success?

By December 12, 2018No Comments5 min read
Managed IT services in Tavenier Key

Choosing between an in-house IT support and outsourcing can be tough. Every business owner prefers the most tested way to provide quality solutions for all end-users. But how do you know which option can lead to immense success to your business?

Good question! Over the years, the most debated points among companies are whether an in-house IT support is better than outsourcing. For some, there’s no right answer. Each solution comes with strengths and weaknesses. But for others, taking advantage of a qualified specialist is ideal. So, understanding both choices is a wise idea.

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

Advantages of an In-House IT Solution

  • A dedicated staff gives a holistic business control over response time, quality work, and other activities.
  • In-house IT support can respond to technical issues that may transpire in the future.
  • Outside projects can lead to additional costs, and an IT professional can handle new projects without putting damage on your monthly budget.

A Few of the Downsides

  • An in-house IT support with limited members can result in poor performance. This means their expertise does not suffice and exceed your goals. Since the world of IT is complex and comprehensive, these professionals may not possess essential expertise. This is particularly true when they are entry-level.
  • An in-house IT support staff can work during business hours. While you can work out a different schedule with the team, limited time blocks the realization of your objectives as a business owner.
  • The cost of hiring a seasoned professional can be costlier than expected. Bringing someone with IT expertise on board can be more expensive than working with an outsourced provider.

Why Should You Outsource Today?

Outsourcing is simple. It usually involves contracting a small business function out to an external provider. These days, businesses depend on technology. We rely on computers, that’s why we integrate them into our business process. From sales, manufacturing to accounting, we utilize technology to streamline the procedure.

While an in-house IT staff may seem a perfect choice, it’s costly to maintain in the long run. This is the reason why most businesses outsource IT support.

Common benefits are listed below:

  • Huge Cost Savings: Get Rid of Unnecessary Expenses

In-House staff can cost your business an estimated amount of $60k every year. Well, you can find a cheaper professional. But IT network requires expertise to fulfill your goals. Any seasoned administrator will be costly to hire. Aside from that, there are other costs to consider, including holidays, management expenses, and training. Outsourcing the job to a capable company is an efficient way to cut the expenditures. While you avoid unnecessary expenses, you can expect effective services.

Outsourcing can help you avoid operating costs. This means that you don’t have to pay for training, education costs, and benefits that have been associated with in-house positions. A third party IT provider is well-trained to handle your infrastructure at a competitive rate.

  • An Emphasis on the Core of your Business

Every resource of a company should be used to attend to customer’s unique needs and core business functions. Outsourcing IT support provides an opportunity to focus on the most crucial business operations.

Well, we cannot blame you to feel tempted to do everything yourself. This is especially true when you have limited funds. However, an external IT professional saves money. While they help you free up your team to focus on their competencies, a high ROI and a large pool of clients will come to life.

  • Functional and Enhanced IT Performance

Another huge benefit of a third party IT expert has improved network performance. In-house staff, on the other hand, can commit serious mistakes and create new problems, complicating basic configurations. The lack of experience and skill are the culprits.

An outsourced IT team offers a higher level of accountability. IT experts strive hard to carry out long-term business relationships. Their goal is not a steady paycheck. What they want is to provide quality and affordable solutions with an unmatched commitment.

  • Surrounded by State-of-the-art Technology

Most IT companies have full access to high-end and innovative technology that an in-house staff can’t offer at an affordable rate. They also participate in continuing education courses and ongoing training, allowing them to stay up-to-date on the trends or technology advancements.

Letting an expert deal with your IT infrastructure can cut the need to provide education and training for in-house staff. While they can offer advanced technology, they can provide resources to help you establish a competitive edge.

  • Eliminate Potential Risks: Boost Huge Success

Cutting-edge technology requires a high amount of expenses to operate. Without enough experience, the risk of inefficient implementation is high, and it can be a waste of money.

With an IT company, you can lessen the risks. It’s no surprise because they are certified and trained technicians. Plus, they have implemented computer technology for their entire lives.

  • Availability of IT Systems

Your network must run smoothly and effectively, that’s why it’s imperative to make sure your IT system is available and stable. Of course, your staff can’t handle these responsibilities. An expert, however, can watch your technology to guarantee availability with minimal downtime.

In the event of a problem, an external company will detect and resolve it before other serious issues transpire. An IT expert also provides help desk support 24/7.

  • Free Up Managerial Time: Focus on Marketing or Customer Retention

While your company is on the right track, you probably don’t want to devote your managerial resources to oversee your IT infrastructure. An experienced company strives to ensure your network is seamless and transparent from start to finish. As a result, you will be more productive and happier. You can focus on developing new ideas, improving customer service and building brand.

  • Sufficient IT Coverage

An in-house IT professional requires personal appointments, training, and holidays. Indeed, it’s impossible for an on-site member to offer extensive coverage that an outsourced IT company could offer.

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