Information: Computerized Digital Dental X- Ray

Information: Computerized Digital Dental X- Ray

Who hasn’t had the experience of being at the Dentist, and having an X-ray taken by either the Dentist or Hygienist. As the little film packet with sharp edges that is placed on your tooth or teeth. After waiting, an hour approximately, the film packet gets developed. In most, the same ways, as most film gets developed at a photo developing processing. Well, those days are over. Computerized Digital Dental X-ray have made there way to many dental practices, and have resulted in taking dental x-rays. In many ways, much easier. The process of Computerized Digital Dental X-ray, cuts the exposure x-rays to as much as 90 percent. In the process, the digital x-ray is computerized to show the picture of the tooth or teeth, on a computer monitor. On the Computer screen or monitor, the picture will look like a dental x-ray image, but in a three dimension view.  The image, on the screen, can detect cavities, far better then, with the old system. Problems can be corrected for sooner, then the old x-ray system.

In the process taking a digital dental x-ray, a small flat sensor is placed on a tooth or surrounding area. The sensor is connected to a computer by a thin wire. The Dentist or Hygienist, activities the sensor nearby. Then an x-ray beam is send through tooth, and into the sensor, which records the image, and is send to the computer. This process, is repeated to get different views of various teeth. And, the checkups to the Dentist or Hygienist is less time consuming. The software attributed to this technology, allows the Dentist to catalog patients digital x-rays, store the image as part of the patient’s record, and provide a print out for the patient, the insurance company (for processing insurance claims), and or for the Dentist. Furthermore, in cosmetic dental treatment, such as bonding, veneers or crowns, a digital photograph, can show before and after results.

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