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IT Infrastructure Analysis: 3 Good Reasons!

By October 14, 2019No Comments5 min read
IT Infrastructure Analysis

An IT infrastructure analysis is needed when the IT infrastructure needs to be adapted to new requirements. That’s classic. What many do not consider: this is just one of three good reasons to map the IT infrastructure. Why the other two are important and why the IT-infrastructure analysis should be done by the IT service provider is now revealed.

You will find out in this article

  • How IT infrastructure analysis can demonstrate the potential for cost reduction
  • How to easily identify IT security risks with IT infrastructure analysis
  • An IT infrastructure analysis shows how to avoid the mistakes of others and gain access to the best use cases
  • How to get the best arguments for and against a solution after evaluating an IT infrastructure analysis

IT Infrastructure Analysis: How to Identify Potential for Cost Reduction

In the first step, the IT infrastructure analysis provides an overview of the current status of the IT infrastructure. What is then a second step is often difficult to achieve from within the company.

In the field, some technologies have emerged as excellent solutions for certain tasks. This is the case in the area of ​​servers and storage, starting with virtualization, continuing with site networking and extending to telephony.

Depending on the existing IT infrastructure, our experts in the field know solutions for exactly this use case, which typically leads to cost reductions and performance improvements. Why do I emphasize here “our experts”? Well, our teams serve a variety of completely different IT infrastructures. Out of all these use cases, we have the experience of long-term operation. Those who, like us, moor in many ports can report a lot. And these are empirical values ​​that are difficult to gather in one’s own company since there are not just these numerous use cases and infrastructures.

We have set ourselves the task of using the learnings from these diverse use cases for the benefit of our business partners specifically for savings and performance optimization.

IT infrastructure analysis: how to avoid the mistakes of others and gain access to the best use cases

“We would like to improve our IT systems, unfortunately, we have little experience of what solutions are all about and what we have to look out for in terms of IT security.”

Servers, storage, and networks are particularly critical elements of the IT infrastructure. On the one hand, you would like to use the new products of the manufacturers – but as an alpha tester, you do not want to hire this steamer.

If you are smart, get an experienced pilot of an IT service provider on board for the first trip through the Panama Canal. As an IT service provider, we often use the latest adopter technology with our customers. The experiences from these projects provide valuable information.

  • Typical failures in special environments and situations
  • Incompatibilities of components and versions
  • Effective problem solutions
  • Effective workarounds
  • Performance Gains
  • Development of the economic efficiency of a solution:
    • actual support needs
    • typical issues
    • typical effects of the operation

And if you sail too hard on the wind as an early adopter and the sails start to kill? We also purposefully keep the ships of courageous pioneers on course. Often we have to cross hard on the wind, but just such a course feels through domestic waters.

It is our stated goal to support all our business partners with the knowledge gained from pioneering projects. The IT infrastructure analysis provides us and our customers with a very important insight: visible parallels to other projects. This makes it easy for us to separate meaningful from possible and to provide recommendations for action that are always cost-efficient and include the best use cases.

IT infrastructure analysis: how to get the best arguments for and against a solution

When there are multiple solutions to choose from after IT infrastructure analysis, it is important to know the most valid arguments for and against it. Anyone who suggests a decision for one of the recommendations for action in the company will later be measured by success.

The best arguments for a solution are also provided by the IT service provider. Nobody else has a more objective overview of the market and can evaluate and argue the results of the IT infrastructure analysis more neutrally.

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