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Why IT Outsourcing Is a Good Move During the Economic Downturn

By June 15, 2020No Comments5 min read
IT Outsourcing for busines

The coronavirus pandemic has already affected the global economy. Companies need to take desperate measures during these desperate times. You can only save your business by taking extreme steps during tough times. Businesses mostly experience this when there is an economic recession or downturn. Thousands of businesses can get shut down due to the economic downturn. Companies look for solutions that will help them in saving their business.

One of the most popular solutions is outsourcing your business operations. This will let your transfer some operations and functions to a third-party provider. If you have very few members in your IT department, then you can outsource your IT. This will ensure that you don’t need to hire new employees during the economic downturn.

Outsourcing will ultimately help you in reducing your expenses. Thus, it will help you in improving your profitability. However, business leaders should plan properly before outsourcing their tasks.

Value of IT Outsourcing

Many companies decided to outsource their IT during the recession of 2008. They outsourced their business operations to countries that have access to a cheaper workforce. Thus, companies saved a lot of money by outsourcing their business operations. They used this money in marketing their products. Survival is the most important thing for any business.

Many business leaders are still skeptical about outsourcing. They don’t understand the true value of IT outsourcing. According to a report by CNN Business, IT outsourcing actually does more good than harm. Moving jobs can help you in saving your business. The Lego Group thrived during the 2008 recession because they were looking for new markets in Europe and Asia. Thus, they had access to the global market and workforce.

IT outsourcing is one of the best strategic moves during the recession. However, sometimes outsourcing partnership fails. We are going to share some tips that will help you in getting the most out of IT outsourcing.

  1. IT Outsourcing is a partnership

You should consider outsourcing as a partnership with a third-party provider. It is not only a cost-cutting tool. You need to collaborate with your provider for better results. Your IT provider can’t work properly until you are cooperating with them.

IT managed service providers will help you in growing your business. They should understand your business goals and values. This mindset is very important during any economic recession. Outsourcing will help you in cutting down costs. Also, it will help you in managing various risks.

  1. Evaluate your business needs

IT outsourcing wouldn’t work properly just because you want it to. You should first evaluate your business needs. Some companies won’t have enough IT staff to handle their job. You should also free up your IT staff from simple tasks. This will ensure that they can focus on crucial tasks. Also, you should look for the functions that you can outsource. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can handle all your IT functions. You don’t even need to hire an IT department. Thus, they will help you in saving a lot of money.

If you have already determined your business needs, then you can easily find the best provider for your company. You should assess the capability of your IT service provider.

  1. Define the scope of the business relationship

You should know the scope and purpose of all your business relationships. Try to define the time frame of your business relationship. This will help you in defining the limitations of the business activity.

  1. Consistent and clear communication

Miscommunication can nullify all the benefits of outsourcing. You can avoid this by establishing a reliable method of communication. If you are regularly talking with your provider, then they can easily solve your problem.

  1. Price is not the main basis

A cheaper workforce generally means a strong bottom-line. Thus, you might think that you should always look for a better price. However, you should also check the service quality of your providers. Some providers are providing cheap services but their quality is very bad. Experienced IT Managed service providers like Bleuwire are offering top-notch services at a very low cost. Thus, you should look for providers that are offering top-notch services. After that, you should check their price.

  1. Start small

You shouldn’t outsource all your business processes in starting. Many companies try to rush through IT outsourcing. You should first take your time as this is the first time you are outsourcing. This will give you enough time to learn about the necessary things. You can adjust your business settings according to this experience.

You need to do some trials and errors. This will eventually help you in finding the right IT outsourcing strategy.

  1. Accountability

Make sure that your provider knows that you are working seriously. You should try your best to make the business partnership work. If your partner is doing good work, then you should also focus on doing good work.

Can IT outsourcing work for SMBs?

Almost every big company outsource their IT and other business processes to other companies. This helps them in saving a lot of money. Also, they can save more resources. However, many small businesses think that IT outsourcing won’t work for them. If you are following the right procedure, then you will always see the benefit of IT outsourcing. It will help you in filling all the gaps in your business. You can solve your problems without buying any additional resources.


The market has become more integrated with time. You can easily access services that will help you in completing your simple tasks like customer service, IT security, and network monitoring. SBMs can use this for turning their business into a success. You don’t need to worry about investing in new employees. Your provider will help you in cutting down your costs and resources. Thus, every small business should consider working with an IT MSP. We are already entering a global recession. Thus, business leaders must try their best to protect their business. IT outsourcing will help you from the economic recession. If you need more information regarding IT outsourcing, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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