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With IT Services in Miami from the Mini Cloud, SMEs Save Costs

By September 19, 2018December 4th, 2022No Comments5 min read
IT Services Miami

By outsourcing IT services in Miami you can for sure save money. However, small and medium-sized businesses often need individual solutions. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) usually need special and individual solutions. With cloud computing, organizations are already using a variety of services, from e-mail services and data protection of databases to online webinars.

With so-called mini-cloud solutions, companies also offer virtual services to SMEs that are tailored to their needs and cost-effective. The advantage of this is that the outsourcing of the virtual services to specialized cloud providers saves companies their own data centers with the corresponding IT infrastructure and thus costs. It support company Miami provides services which are cost effective.

IT Services Miami

Can minicloud can be used as a cost-effective alternative for SMEs ?

Big providers can not offer this highly customized service due to the overhead. There are small providers with the right Minicloud solutions. With cloud-based databases, SMEs can store, manage, access, expand and share unstructured, semi-structured or well-structured data, and collaborate with their customers. Tech companies in Miami demand are increasing rapidly due to the dynamic nature of it.

The Minicloud providers are small businesses whose unique selling proposition is to respond to individual customer needs within minutes to a few hours. Using Minicloud solutions requires no software or file type. All you need is an Internet connection and a browser of your choice. IT support Miami also keeps a check on cybercrime.

Individual solutions for every problem – IT consulting &  tech support Miami

Although the threshold of many cyber attacks is still high in many SMEs. But user examples also show the great potential of the technology: The typical case is a customer who operates ten branches in different cities “The special problem: Each branch has a function room. The appointments are not only made by the respective branches, but it happens regularly that, for example, in Hamburg, a booking for Munich is accepted.

To solve the question of when which room is free, we have developed cloud computing solution that allows employees to access a meeting calendar for the event rooms in all branches from their branch office. That way, every employee can immediately see when which room is occupied or free, “explains the programmer.

While the employees had previously had to coordinate with each other over the telephone, and the customer was waiting on the other machine, the employee now goes into the event schedule and looks to see if the respective appointment is free. If he is, he reserves it for the customer. If he is not, he will look for a suitable alternative appointment with the customer. Managed IT services providers in Miami also offers mini cloud-related services.

Another example is a commission solution, where completed real estate sales contracts were placed in the cloud. The corresponding seller has a pin and thus the system automatically credits the corresponding commission. Previously, the employee had to complete an application form claiming his claim.

Virtual project setup within three to four days

The project process for server data is uncomplicated: a customer knows exactly what he wants, or at least what result he wants to receive. For example, he wants the certainty that he does not rent out rooms twice. Then the parameters are discussed. First, it’s about determining which columns the form should have. Managed IT services in Florida offers solutions for both small & large business enterprises.

Sometimes it’s trivial things that the customer does not think about in their form, but if they’re not there, it’s impossible to associate them with a particular customer. Afterward, it’s all about security issues: where should the form be implemented, how should customers access it Have a form, how should the data be stored, which employees should or may have access to the information in what depth. Bleuwire believes in customer satisfaction by providing premium services to clients.

If the customer requires an extension of his forms, this usually happens while he is still discussing his requirements on the phone with the cloud provider. “So I can see right away whether, for example, a new field, a new link or a new form should be designed exactly as the customer imagines. It may well be that the customer has an accurate idea, but the form later turns out to be badly usable. In that case, I can suggest an adjustment immediately. ” In this step, we are always with you; we need just one chance to show our excellence. Contact us today.

Minicloud can be used regardless of industry

The special feature of the Miami It Services Minicloud offers is their industry independence. For example, if an employee needs parts in production, he or she fills in a corresponding requisition form in the cloud. The purchasing employee accesses this form and continues to process it.

The data is automatically entered in the order form and sent. The paper form or software is gone. If an employee wants to record his working hours, he or she goes to the cloud, fills in the form, the employee recruits the form, or the data is automatically credited to the employee’s hourly account and credited later. People who Look for outsourcing IT  solutions Miami the cloud, businesses save money.

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