5 Business Benefits of Outsourcing It Support Specialist

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5 Business Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support

Every successful business owner eventually reaches the point where either a dedicated IT professional needs to be added to the staff or the role needs to be outsourced to a team of professionals. For most businesses, opting to outsource provides more comprehensive benefits at a greatly reduced cost. From the peace of mind, you get from knowing your business is in good hands to gold old-fashioned dollars and cents, outsourcing your it support service is often the better choice.

Lower Costs

The largest and most obvious benefit of outsourcing your IT to a skilled team is the cost of hiring a dedicated employee. Your tech support staffing costs go far beyond just the hourly salary and can include everything from health insurance to added certification, training and travel. You also have to find things for your staffer to do once your systems are running efficiently. Those IT skills may not translate well to working in other departments or taking on other responsibilities, and you’ll pay by the hour, not by the amount of time your new hire spends actually working on your IT.

It Support Specialist has Improved Efficiency

If you can afford it service providers staffer and all of the associated costs that come along with a dedicated employee, you still have plenty of downtime. Even if your in-house staffer puts in 40 hours, your systems are vulnerable 24/7. Add in the need for the occasional sick date or late arrival, and you may find that you are still worrying about your IT and dealing with problems, even if you have a staffer in place.  Outsourcing your IT offers you an efficient way to cope with any issues since remote monitoring allows for constant availability and service. You also have an entire team managing your system (even if you have a sole contact person) and ensuring that your business runs smoothly and efficiently

Freedom to Focus on your Core Business

Relying on computers and a network to run your business can speed things up and boost your efficiency, but having to spend time managing your network and solving problems sucks time out of every day. A single downed workstation or data breach could easily take days to rework; when you outsource your computer support, you eliminate the stress that comes with coping with trouble on your own. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your systems are monitored and that problems will be addressed before they impact your business allows you to truly focus on your core mission.

Improved Security

How secure is your database – and your customer information? When companies like Target, PF Changs, and Home Depot have all had recent and well-publicized data breaches. If you handle customer identity information, accept credit cards, or have your own sensitive and proprietary data, are you confident in your ability to protect it?

It Support Specialist

An outsourced IT team monitors your systems and can spot the signs of hacking or data theft and can work to stop the attack in real time. If you don’t remember the last time, you updated your firewall and can’t recall what you use to protect your network, the improved security that comes with a fully equipped and skilled outsourced IT team is a must.

A Leveled Playing Field

If you regularly compete with big businesses in your field, outsourcing your IT department can help you keep up. The big players have the money for an in-house staff – and it shows in everything they do. If your business needs to keep up to thrive, then outsourcing can allow you access to big company expertise without the corporate price tag.

From saving time and money to boosting your ability to compete in a crowded marketplace, outsourcing your IT needs to a dedicated team gives you security, flexibility, and peace of mind. Having a fulltime, multi-person team watching over, updating and protecting your systems allows you to focus on what you do best, without worrying about your network.

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