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How to Protect Yourself From Dangerous Miami IT Support Scams

By April 24, 2018April 4th, 2022No Comments5 min read

How to Protect Yourself From Dangerous Tech Support Scams

In recent years there’s been a boost in the amount of fake tech support team scams. These scammers will either cold call unsuspecting victims or present a website pop up at random warning your PC is infected and asking you to call for help. Neither of those is legitimate tech support team methods, and in the following paragraphs, we’ll cover both types of scams, the effects of falling for these scammers, and how you can safeguard yourself. Miami IT support will play a vital role in these types of scams.

Miami IT Support

The Telephone Scam

The most typical companies in team scam is usually the cold call. It is an unprompted telephone call from a mystery person that says they are working on behalf of a major company such as Dell, HP, Microsoft, or Apple. The fraudster will tell you that the computer is delivering error reports to them, has an infection, or got hacked so that they can convince potential victims to allow remote access to their computer.

If they’re effective at that step, they’ll usually ask you to pull up the event viewer, that is a built-in tool that registers errors, warnings, and information on typical PC operation, to demonstrate how supposedly infected or hacked the machine is. Usually at this time you are quoted a cost to fix these problems, and will also be convinced to use your online banking, charge your credit card, buy a money order or gift certificates, to cover the service. Bleuwire , a fullĀ  IT support company with offices in Miami.

The Browser Pop Up Scam

Many PC users have observed they get pop-ups while visiting certain websites that warn your system is infected, or you have been viewing inappropriate material, with a message to call this number to solve the problem. Upon calling the fraudster uses a similar process as the cold call fraudster. However, because the victim calls and asks for help, there is a higher possibility of success. These scams are very easy to fall for as they can seem much more legitimate.

Keep in mind that only non-legitimate or hacked websites will ever redirect you and ask for sensitive information in a pop-up. Websites, when exploited or copied, may look identical to the site you are trying to visit. The outdated or unpatched software can exacerbate the problem by permitting adware and spyware, or other dangerous software, to be placed on your machine when a pop up is triggered. An apparently legitimate extension may also be installed on your browser that can result in this too.

Miami It Support Steps to Protect Yourself

The easiest method to safeguard yourself from all of these threats is to always hang up the phone once you get any call fitting this description and block the number right away. No major computer support is ever going to cold call anyone to provide a service relating to their computer.

It just doesn’t happen. It’s also essential to install valid anti-virus or adware and spyware protection and keep the software updated in your system to avoid potential pop up scams. An advertisement blocker may also be added to your browser to avoid the risk of pop up scams, however, many sites strongly discourage this because it affects their advertising revenue. The choice is up to you whether to support your favorite sites despite the risk of some pop up ads, or to block ads completely.

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IT Services MiamiWhat to Do If You Have Been Scammed

If you do fall for one of these scams, and you’re not sure what to do, make sure to speak to a legitimate local support company that you can trust to help with your troubles. Most local it support Miami is outfitted to cope with any issues and can make your PC safe and secure again. They can also help you to change logins or passwords that may have been compromised. It’s also a good idea to check a few online reviews to be sure any company you’re dealing with is trustworthy.

With some diligence, you can protect yourself from tech support scams and avoid becoming their next victim. scam call technical support protect yourself.

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