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Laptop Screen Replacement, Know-How

By August 17, 2019No Comments

Inventions are the trend of today’s generation. In earlier times, the thought of devices that can work faster than humans was just an unambiguous dream which no one had ever thought will get fulfilled. The messages sent used to take days to reach the specific person back in those days.

But with time, the human mind got smarter. This lead to the invention of devices capable of performing tasks or works way faster than humans. These devices include computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and many more similar devices. All these devices are able to perform different functions. These devices run on technology that can save an ample amount of time which will eventually result in increased frequency of work as well as efficiency.

Among the above, one of the best device used is laptops. Laptops are exact copies of desktop computers but just small in size and handy in function. In short, laptops are called as mini-computers that appears easy to use and to carry. Therefore laptops are highly preferred by the majority of people.

Among all the hardware and software parts of the laptop, the monitor or the screen is one of the most important parts. This is the area where every visual work is done. This is the platform where the user particularly does his work and prepare presentations, play games, listen to songs, watch videos and nearly do everything. Screen damage is one of the biggest problems in electronic devices.

Signs that indicate that the laptop needs repairing

  • Random discoloration –

Whenever the screen is switched on, then look for any sort of random discoloration. This can happen in the form of spots like black spots or any other colored spot which is not a part of the natural screen saver view. There can even be numerous vertical and horizontal lines across the screen in the visible space which again itself is troublesome and indicates the presence of a problem in the screen.

  • Time –

The time that the screen takes to come out of the dark mode also depicts trouble with the screen. The optimum time that the screen should take is 5 to 10 seconds but not more than that. This much time is sufficient for the screen to become completely functional. If it is too late then that can indicate some sort of internal issue.

  • Brightness –

Try to notice the brightness of your screen. If it is low then try to adjust brightness and contrast and then again look for a difference. If still, the user could not find a difference in the brightness then the screen is weakening for no good.

  • Sleep mode –

When you leave your screen without using it for some time then it goes in sleep mode to conserve energy. Just moving the mouse or pressing any key from the keyboard brings the screen back. If it still does not come back, just after you move your mouse or press any key, then this can be a sign for several screen problems.

  • Co-ordination –

Check for the time coordination between your mouse and screen and also your keyboard and screen. Look for any time lag, if happening, when you move the mouse here and the pointer moves inside and also when you type something on the keyboard and how quickly and smoothly it gets typed in the screen. If there is a time lag then the screen might be difficult to handle and is defective, requiring replacement.

  • Broken screen –

This is an undoubtedly most hyped situation which at any cost requires the user to replace the screen. Once broken, the screen hinders with the functioning and also does not allow the user to work efficiently. This is an ultimate sign which at any cost requires the user to get the screen of the laptop replaced.

How to replace your damaged screen of the laptop?

  • Try to know all the details of your laptop model and it’s damaged components –

Before doing anything the user should focus on identifying the cause of the damage and identifying the part that requires replacement. Knowing the model of laptop will help you to determine the components used in the screen. So identifying the brand beforehand is a must before moving to screen replacement.

  • Charge well 

Make sure that the device is all charged up and the only problem you have is associated with the screen of your laptop.

  • Laptop check 

It is very important for the user to thoroughly check the laptop for any additional defect other than the screen. It might be possible that any other sort of hardware damage might be present in the laptop other than the screen damage.

  • Expert advice 

Always remember that these electronic devices are created by professionals who take utmost care and sophistication while making such devices. So, it is always a great option to get the laptop checked by any professional for all sorts of damage it may have.

  • Right tools and screen replacement 

Always make sure that the tools the user will be using to carry out the change or replacement process are in accordance with the screen change repair tool kit of that model. Some tools are very common and should always be handy for the replacement process. Make sure you remove the stickers and screws very carefully and power source should be cut off before making any progress.

  • Removal of the LCD screen

This can be considered as one of the trickiest parts in the whole process of screen replacement. All the bezels should be completely taken off so that the access to the screen is easy. Top screws should be removed and then the LCD can be taken out of the metal frame, safely. Handle the removal with the utmost care and then look for side screws which need to be removed for safe and complete removal.

  • Attaching new screen 

Once the removal of the earlier damaged screen is successful, the user should be able to locate properly where the new screen will affix. Now place the screen where the earlier one was and complete all the tightening processes of the screws and everything that the user removed before, in exactly the same way to ensure complete attachment of the screen to the metal frame. Reattaching bezel is important to make sure the sides are more secure. Now, once all is done then power on the laptop to see whether the functioning is back to normal or not.


Repairing a broken screen of a laptop does not always require technical experts or professionals. The time and interest required can be put forward by the user and this will eventually save a lot of unnecessary expenses. The steps mentioned above are very simple and can be used for successful screen removal as well as a screen replacement.

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