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Make Sure Your VoIP Phones Survive a Disaster

By September 24, 2019No Comments6 min read

In the present world of business, VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is extremely helpful. The old landline phones are quite backdated now and comparatively, in terms with them VoIP te far better with much greater functionality and cost-effectiveness.

Voice over Internet Protocol is nothing but the transmission of voice and multimedia content over Internet Protocol networks. They are opted by a group of technologies to send voices over the internet that may include local area network or wide area network.

A VoIP makes use of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) standard codecs such as G.711 or G.729. The system typically uses non-voice communications via the ITU T.38 protocol in order to send faxes over a VoIP or IP network in real-time.

VoIP telephones are generally of two types and they are – Hardware-based VoIP and Software-based VoIP. One is a traditional hard-wired and cordless telephone with the same features as the basic one whereas the other one is installed in cell phones or computers. They are also called softphones.

However, we know that nothing good comes with a bit of flaw and in this case, VoIP might be vulnerable to disruptions because of equipment failure, disasters, and cyberattacks. Therefore, it is very essential to note down if your VoIP can withstand all breakdowns.

There are few ways that can be taken up to prevent the same issue and they are as follows –

  • Well, we all know about the quote that prevention is always better than cure. Here, similarly, before you have to go and look for a disaster recovery solution, it is better that you choose to install a VoIP monitoring service to hold a track of all the network issues causing trouble to your phone system. This was you can resolve the issue faster and avoid any further damage or complications.
  • The wiser the better! If you’re opting for a VoIP system, always check the service level agreement of your provider. All factors such as guarantee, security, call routing, loss of power, quick backup, etc. are important on your part to hold a knowledge of. Make sure that your service provider’s VoIP system offers facilities that protect it from local disaster. Also, an advanced network security system is something that is opted by many advanced technicians and yours must provide it too to protect calls for your business.
  • Another important tip to save your VoIP from disaster is to protect it from going down due to weak internet connection. It is always better to have an alternate internet connection in order to serve as a backup in case of an emergency.

The basic idea is that for your VoIP to work smoothly, one Internet Service Provider (ISP) stays completely occupied with that whereas, the other one supports the main computer network. If one network here fails, you can program the system in such a way to take the support of the other network automatically in order to run your work smoothly without any hindrance.

To note, running two ISPs might get little costly on your pocket but it will definitely be a lot cheaper than managing a VoIP disaster along with the downfall of your business.

  • VoIP solutions are cloud-based and due to this, the owner can choose where to receive calls along with call forwarding. This is a pre-installed feature in VoIP services that allow any registered company devices to receive incoming calls. In case if the office shuts down due to any reason, there won’t be any obstacle in work since your employees can keep working from their cell phones. One important tip to keep a note of here is that you must install all your employees’ cell phones on your VoIP system so that they are eligible to communicate in case of any incoming call.
  • It is necessary that you keep a check of your VoIP systems almost every day. You need to note if the contact details are up to date if the system is forwarding calls to the right device if the security is tight and safe if the backup internet connection is working properly etc. Ensuring that these factors are working smoothly, you can prevent flaws in your system before they go out of hand to manage.


Emergencies and disasters are something that never leaves a way out to enter any situation and due to this, it is our responsibility that we stay alert and ready to deal with them. Over time, providers initiated the development of a number of tools that would help the owner to prevent any downturn of work. A smart move in all of this is that do not completely abandon traditional landlines.

Though they are old and backdated, they may be of great help because the users then do not have to be completely dependent on internet connectivity. If any mishap happens, the users will be saved because they will have the option of working out with DSL or Cable Connection. In this way, you also do not have to be dependent on a third party to constantly keep changing if everything is fine or not to provide you with basic and good backup.

With the changing times, business communities have become more aware of managing all the crisis and recovery factors in order to run their business smoothly and also prevent any kind of downfall because of disaster. Technicians have developed a VoIP system for the very same purpose. There can be many instances such as hackers breaking through your system or your internet connectivity going down etc. and for each of these issues, businesses have opted for VoIP.

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