Make Your Internet Browser Private and Secure for Free

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Make Your Internet Browser Private and Secure for Free

Much like underwater cave diving, browsing the internet is rife with unseen dangers lurking just around the dark corners of the web. Viruses, malware, keystroke trackers, and malicious ads and pop-ups are littered throughout the net, lying in wait to infect the next innocent victim to come stumbling their way. An insecure browser will allow these nasty infections to slip into your system like water through cracks in the sidewalk.

A secure browser, however, will prevent infection behind the scenes, even before an anti-virus software has to step in. You can browse, shop online, and do your banking, taxes, and all other pesky adult tasks in relative peace of mind. All you have to do is follow these steps to robustly secure your browser at absolutely zero cost.

Install and Activate a VPN

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows you to access public networks in true privacy, sending and receiving data anonymously. Incognito mode and private browsing settings can’t do what a VPN does, which is encrypt your connection and IP address from hackers and spies. Using a VPN is the only sure way to browse with complete anonymity, so if you’re concerned about issues such as hacking, doxxing, and censorship walls, don’t go online without one.

There are many VPNs available online, but only some options are free or offer free versions. Reliable and trustworthy choices include Hotspot Shield Free, TunnelBear, and SigaVPN, to name a few.

Use a Separate Browser for Personal Information

If your browser becomes compromised by a malware infection, keystroke tracker, or hacker, any personal information you have linked will be compromised. This includes saved passwords, usernames, credit card information, and even your social security card number. Allowing an identity thief an intimate look into your browser data is the perfect nightmare.

But you can avoid that nightmare entirely by using a separate browser for online shopping, banking, and anything that links your personal information. By only accessing secure sites with a designated banking browser, you won’t run into malicious pop-ups and threats from untrustworthy websites.

Activate an Ad Blocker for Untrusted Sites

Imagine you’re scouring the web when you come across an interesting site. You click it, and seconds after the article appears, you’re barraged by unrelated news videos or flashes of hot singles in your area just waiting to meet you. Chances are you’ve been in such a scenario before. You close out the pop-up windows, most likely annoyed, and go on your merry way.

But did you know, in that moment, you might’ve unwittingly been infected by a computer virus?

Pop-up advertisements from untrustworthy sites can be loaded with trojans and malware. While the ad assails your eyes with unwanted solicitation, the virus assails your computer with unwanted infection. Outfitting your browser with an ad blocker plugin, and activating it while browsing untrusted sites, protects you from infectious advertisement. Just remember to whitelist sites you trust and want to support.

Install a JavaScript Blocker

Many viruses infect your computer through JavaScript and Java. Some scripted pop-ups bypass ad blockers and other plug-in extensions. For example, if you click a web page and a window pop-ups, this could result in a computer infection. Stopping these triggers with a JavaScript Blocker prevents potentially malicious scripts from being loaded into your browser.

Combining a script blocker with an ad blocker plug-in will protect against malicious pop-ups on all fronts, ensuring nothing bad will slip in.

If you follow these steps, your browser will be converted from a leaky roof to an impenetrable wall of online security. You’ll have nothing to fear from hackers, viruses, or malicious scripts and pop-ups. No one will be able to spy on or censor your internet activity, and you can browse in privacy and peace.

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