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Managed Antivirus Solutions for Your Business

By April 17, 2019April 24th, 2019No Comments7 min read
Managed IT services

The world of business is booming. Now the internet has become more than a facility, and nothing can stop businesses from conducting trade of vast capacity all over the world within a short period of time.

Businesses these days have to maintain all their records because that’s how the marketing game has changed and keeping up to date records, is more than just about being up to date, it’s also a PR exercise. People or consumers expect immaculate service, blindly trusting companies with life-altering decisions. So it is justified to think they would want to know about the company they are putting their faith into.

The Looming Threat

Now, that the world is one large global village and everyone knows everything about everybody, it seems scary for the businesses. But should they be scared? Absolutely, but why?

There are many unforeseen threats that business has to face. Any businessman would tell you that reward has an indirect relation with risk, the greater the risk, the higher the profit.

Quality of work would mean nothing if profits aren’t coming in. So, what kind of risk are we talking about? When the risk is mentioned, it simply means any unforeseen or foreseen events that can happen during the course of business, and for which provisions have been made, but one hazard that no one sees coming, and especially these days is cybercrime against businesses.

What is cybercrime?

Cybercrime is basically classified as a crime or illegal activities done through a computer or on the internet. This means that it is a fairly new concept, but the fact is in the past 10 years cybercrime has spiked to an unprecedented level. The businesses are usually affected by cybercrime in the form of data breaches, especially the small ones who don’t have enough resources to cope with these problems. It might sound like a really technical thing but it usually isn’t especially in the corporate world, where all the hackers are after is some data that gives a company the edge over the other.

Cybercrime affects businesses in the following ways:

Data breaches are a very common issue nowadays, and the resources to deal with this issue are not available to everyone. Through simple antiviruses, it can solve most of the problems, but we will get to that later.

Data breaches harm the company in various ways, such as

  • Due to the invasion of private documents and records, companies lose their competitive edge, which is a travesty in the corporate world. Not having something in the locker could potentially be a huge loss-making factor for that business.
  • Data breaches might affect the goodwill of the company, as certain secrets which might not be favorable to the company’s image could come out to the public.
  • Loss of intellectual property is another major issue which would result from losing company trade secrets. Loss of IP is hard to recuperate from, especially for small businesses.

The Solution: Managed Antivirus

Managed Anti-virus is like a squad of soldiers who are guarding your computer systems and data. This is a security platform or software for the computers and it protects them from any data breach or cyber-attacks.

These smart solutions protect all the computers which are connected under one roof. Since all the computers in your office have access to other systems, installing a managed antivirus solution will protect all the systems of your business. If you think that only installing an anti-virus software in one of the computers will do the job, then you are making a huge mistake.

Since all the systems are connected to each other, it is easy to access the entire network by just accessing a system which is not protected by an anti-virus. Therefore, it is vital that, installing a managed anti-virus solution will protect your entire network instead of just protecting one of two computers.

Advantages of Managed Antivirus

The following are some advantages of Managed Antivirus:

  • Allows you to focus on the business side of things, as there is someone looking over security.
  • Everything is managed from a single source, and therefore is extremely efficient
  • It cannot be uninstalled from a system unless it is removed from the source. Hence it is a consistent solution.
  • The system is regularly scanned, and updated automatically.
  • Any viruses or malware that is a threat to the system is instantly responded to, without any fuss.
  • It is cost effective as individual licensing costs more than a centrally managed solution.

Why is this protection necessary?

It is pivotal for businesses to have a Managed Antivirus Solution as it is the way forward. It simply allows one to work, to run a business without having to worry much about the security which is a blessing in disguise.

Apart from that MAS regularly gets updated about virus definitions, and then work accordingly. This means that with this system, future proofing is also a feat not to be worried about. Apart from all this, having to protect one’s online data is of major importance, and the need that has arisen from the illegality of the previously mentioned situation has seen a creative solution with more efficiency than individual antivirus systems.


Cybercrime is a rising phenomenon, and it has seeped into the soft underbelly of the corporate world. Small businesses are also affected by it massively, even the big ones find it hard to cope with. In such circumstances, a centrally managed antivirus service is more than welcome.

MAS’s are a boon to the business, once installed into the main server it is able to provide office-wide protection. Any system connected to the mainframe would be under this protection. Data breaches are difficult to deal with, and there is no comprehensive way for regular protection, but it is possible to curb it, as much as one can.

In this day and age, the internet is more and more powerful and the ones who master it, are the real threat (at least in this case), so it is sensible for businesses to seek for a level of security which is not easily breakable and Managed Antivirus Solutions are exactly offering that. It is better to be safe than sorry, also it is true there is no reward without risk, but some risks are not worth taking. Rather security risks are something a businessman should never even consider taking because that would harm the business permanently and in the long term.

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