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How Can Managed IT Services Benefit Real Estate Companies

By September 23, 2019September 25th, 2019No Comments

Real estate has a quite competitive and complicated selling environment. The sales and closing procedure consist of a number of different stages, and there are various entities associated with each transaction. The majority of real estate agents depend on the technology that forms the basis of their industry and supports them, such as from the online multi-list through the closing.

Agencies cannot afford to suffer or be smothered due to failed technology. However, the agents who earn their living from this rapidly growing estate industry are unable to find the time to monitor the maintenance and support of their industry’s technology. One of the reasons for this is that it is not their field of experience and professionalism.

The protection and approachability of the contracts and documents of your real estate agency should always be at the forefront of your business. However, the expense and time-consuming process of working with an outsourced cloud-oriented security server or an in-house IT professional can result in a loss of revenue for your agency.

Most of the times hiring an in-house IT expert can turn out to be cost-exorbitant, while many companies based on secure cloud servers are far off the mark when it comes to customer service. It is important that real estate agents constantly strive to be on the go, close sales, and move apartments from a residential or commercial proprietor to another without any delay or hold up from technology.

A real estate expert is aware that the market is always going up. Technology plays a very crucial role here and gets in the way consistently. Many real estate agencies are not able to operate without any interruption because they do not invest in managed IT facilities or services. This is the main reason due to which their technology and workflow get affected.

Why Do Real Estate Agencies Require Managed IT Services?

  • Monitoring

One of the most effective ways to prevent any critical breakdowns or breach in security is 24×7 supervision. This is an infallible way to monitor and inhibit security issues. Monitoring is an ideal method to control attacks by various hackers, viruses, and any flaws in security. However, small agencies cannot do something like this on their own. It demands the presence of labor for 24 hours a day as well as investment in unusually sophisticated hardware and software. This kind of investment is not suitable for smaller real estate firms.

  • Higher turnover of employees

Real estate agencies experience high employee turnover. Addition of more agents as well as brokers and ramping-up the sales team can result in an increased hike in IT expenditures. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology for real estate firms provides it with much-needed flexibility for supporting their IT infrastructure and suiting the changing frequency of their employees.

  • Document Storage

Real estate agents often store their confidential documents and files on applications such as google drive and dropbox. There is an existence of security concerns in these applications. The agents also require assistance for storing, importing, and maintaining the details and images of the property that only managed IT services can successfully offer.

  • Various sources and branches of communication

Real estate agencies include multiple branches and utilize a wide range of sources of communication. For example, few wireless devices that permit ‘in the field’ reach to files and documents. Such layers of connectivity give rise to complex support problems that can be controlled only by Managed IT service professionals.

  • Software enhancements and regulations

It is important to carry out necessary upgradations in the current software or new software should be introduced to accommodate a system set up by the local board of real estate agents. Engaged or occupied realtors are not able to concentrate and carefully monitor these things. However, a lack of focus can lead to the damage of older software due to the attack of viruses and hackers.

  • 24X7 web MLS listing needs

It is quite an essential aspect of the services offered by the majority of the real estate firms. A realtor’s day and night presence on the web is necessary to rapidly increase revenue. The site is accessible 24×7 with proactive assistance and monitoring.

  • The economic realities

When the real estate industry was severely affected due to recession, the in-house IT professionals suffered a major blow. As a result, these agencies ended up struggling without adequate IT assistance. The short-term resolution is the fix or break method which means ignoring it till something worse happens and then contacting the high-priced external support to fix things up before the next contingency. The problem in opting for this solution is that it is a very costly and unsafe method to control the technology that provides the basis for a realtor’s business activities.

  • Miscellaneous issues

There are various other issues for which realtors require an IT professional’s support. They require assistance with hardware support, set-up of outlook, wireless connectivity, software integration, and mailing list management. The technicians are highly skilled professionals who are able to offer various services concerned with IT.

The implementation of Managed IT services

Managed IT service providers should be able to build a relationship with their clients to create a controlled IT support program specially designed to serve their goals and objectives.

Managed IT services can be implemented in the following steps:

  • Initial Evaluation

The initial evaluation includes a detailed audit of technology to figure out where the realtors want to go and the kinds of services they must-have on a regular basis. These services assist real estate agents to focus on the tools they require most promptly for a long-term work plan to benefit their future end state.

  • Remediation and upgrade –

Secondly, it is important to help the realtors to prevent system crashes and attacks by preparing a detailed recovery and upgrade plan that comprises of hosting and cloud migrations, critical security protection, and IT upgrades.

  • Implementation of security programs

Managed IT services ensure to take compliance and security quite seriously. These services utilize in-depth knowledge of foremost security best practices and will give constant suggestions with the rise of new governance regulations.


Therefore, managed IT services can help real estate agencies to rapidly expand their business and generate greater profits. The introduction of new technologies helps real estate companies to reach the maximum potential for their businesses.

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