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10 Reasons for IT Outsourcing Through Managed IT Services in Miami

By September 18, 2018February 14th, 2022No Comments5 min read

What is Managed Services in IT industry?

With managed services, you hand over the responsibility for certain areas of IT to an IT service provider. This ensures with service-level agreements (SLA) that the defined activities are also done. The billing for this is usually at a fixed price.

Managed IT services Miami are becoming more and more popular, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises. There are many reasons why the managed services market continues to grow. We would like to introduce some of them to you here.

Predictable IT Costs

When you outsource IT services (“outsourcing”), you usually do so at pre-defined costs. So it’s easy for you to plan, you know exactly how high your IT costs are each month.

No Further Education Costs

You have already noticed how quickly new technologies are coming onto the market. This means that IT staff must be trained at all times, otherwise, your company will eventually have the IT from 10 years ago. And that is certainly no longer competitive today. So you are constantly investing in the continuing education of your employees. This is very expensive for smaller companies. With Miami outsourced IT support you always have access to specialists.

How Do You Rate New Employees in It?

After all, if you yourself are not from IT, how would you rate that the new employee really? Or do you want to determine that only if the newly created backup cannot be restored? You can look out for certificates such as the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) , but ultimately the experience is crucial and the view of the really important IT systems of the employer. And the certificates are also usually a very expensive deposit.

Certified Does Not Necessarily Mean Experienced

When choosing the new employee do you look for a manufacturer’s certificate? That’s good. But does not mean that the new colleague also has experience. It is encountered that manufacturers naturally train on laboratory environments with the latest systems. This is usually far from the practice and not everything can be implemented exactly. Then the experience comes into play. And this learning should be controlled, not necessarily on your production systems.

Use the Efficiency of Specialized Companies

For IT service providers, it’s all about one thing: IT support in Florida from other companies. So these companies bundle their expertise and put all their energy into it to become more efficient. That’s hard to achieve if your core business is different.

New Techniques Are Implemented Quickly

Everyone knows it: their own employees – especially the IT team – are usually busy with their day-to-day business. That’s okay too. Nevertheless, there is, of course, no capacity for new IT projects. And especially for new techniques. Do you want to use a new storage? Do you want to install a new IP PBX? First, your employees must be trained, then test, test, test. Often it takes years to profit from the new technology and start saving money and time. Bleuwire is here to solve your toughest IT problems.

An external IT service provider in Florida will have free capacities for you because that’s exactly what he lives for. He continues to educate his staff, in a large setting and is ready for the practical experience if you are interested in new technology.

Managed IT Services in Miami

Focus on Your Core Business

Every company has limited resources. And the executives also have limited time and attention. Use outsourced IT support in Miami to avoid overloading your precious employees with things that are not really part of your core business.

Every investment in a company entails certain risks. There are framework conditions that can change quickly: markets, competition, laws, financial conditions, and technologies.

IT outsourcing providers can take these risks for you and also comply with specific industry and security requirements.

Managed IT Services in Miami Use Techniques of Large Companies

By relying on ready-made managed IT services Miami products, you get the techniques of big companies in the house. Because these products can be used by large and small companies. Here we would like to add the example of Office 365 – even as a startup with only 3 employees, you can nowadays get a full-fledged Exchange Server for only a few dollars per month. The same technology which is used by companies with several thousand employees. Isn’t it great?

Managed IT Services in Miami keep in mind Compliance and Security

Is your firewall also updated and secure? Are your virus scanners up-to-date? Did you catalog the software on the PCs and servers? Do you use patch management? Depending on your industry, you may need to follow certain security standards. Here it makes sense to outsource these and pass the implementation on to the IT system house. The provider will then use managed IT services Miami to provide these services on a regular, professional and cost-saving basis.

Contact us, we would like to discuss with you which Managed IT Services in Miami services make sense to you. We at Bleuwire™ know the market very well and can recommend services and solutions. Learn more about IT consulting and how we can help your business.

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