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Microsoft Azure – Benefits and Benefits

By August 13, 2018November 2nd, 2018No Comments

With the Microsoft Azure cloud solution, IT in your organization can change more flexibly, react faster to the changing opportunities in the IT environment, and reduce costs.

With the scalable cloud platform, you can flexibly run any number of applications, test developments or even map entire servers. With the Microsoft Azure Cloud, you have no limits.

Opponents of the public cloud will also get their money, as Azure is the perfect mix of on-premise solution and cloud solution. You have control over where your data is stored and in which country you want to host your cloud.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a scalable and customizable enterprise cloud computing platform. The big advantage is that you can store data partly in the cloud and partially locally. Another positive factor here is that you can also use programs stored locally with Azure.

In Microsoft Azure, you can store and manage data, develop applications and apps, and deploy virtual machines. Access to the Cloud Solution is available through the Windows and Linux operating systems.

Compared to other cloud platforms, Azure gives you the ability to flexibly assemble your programs and services yourself. The Microsoft Cloud can thus be tailored to the individual business processes of a company.

Microsoft Azure can be operated in 50 regions worldwide – including in data centers in small countries. Thus, Azure is a cloud with the Data Trust principle. This ensures that all data provided through the use of Microsoft Azure is stored exclusively in data centers. The data trust acts in accordance with the law and ensures that the data remains in private at all times during transmission and storage. It monitors and controls all physical access to the data centers.

How can I customize my Microsoft Azure Cloud?

The Microsoft Azure Cloud can be individually arranged directly at Microsoft. Alternatively, IT service providers configure the systems and applications for you according to your requirements. Azure is fully configurable so the cloud can be tailored to your needs.

Microsoft Azure can be used as both Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Depending on the operating model, the following services can then be provided, for example:

  • Virtual machines (Windows and Linux)
  • App Services
  • SQL databases
  • Storage
  • Active Directory
  • backups
  • and much more.

For example, the Microsoft Azure backup solution can be used to protect or restore locally stored data or applications. Site Recovery can be used to deploy infrastructure failure where data be accessed again easily. Another application that Azure offers is the management of SQL relational databases as a Database-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution.

Which projects can be realized with Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure SQL Sample Project 1:

With Microsoft Azure SQL, secure access to your databases in the cloud is possible through secure site-to-site connectivity (VPN).

Microsoft Azure Backup Sample Project 2:

Servers or desktops can be reliably stored in the cloud. If necessary, a recovery can be carried out in the simplest way.

Microsoft Azure Developers Sample Project 3:

Thanks to the highly flexible use of Microsoft Azure, developers can configure a server or client for a few hours or days and test their developments. In this way, different versions can be flexibly validated on different machines.

One of the biggest advantages of Microsoft Azure is the aforementioned above-average flexibility. Azure is particularly suitable for short-term use of various services. For example, hosting test systems is relatively expensive in the long run if the system itself is only needed a few hours a month.

In such a case, the purchase of a short-term system via Microsoft Azure makes perfect sense. An IT environment from Microsoft Azure can only be booked on an hourly basis and does not have to run for an extended period of time.

What are the advantages of Microsoft Azure?

  • Flexibility: Services and applications can be deployed flexibly and scalably.
  • Minimal costs: The hour-based price concept allows you to calculate your costs at any time.
  • Easy to manage: Add any number of applications to your cloud at any time for easy management of your resources.
  • Working Locally: Azure can also work with locally stored data.
  • EU-GRPR-compliant: companies can have their cloud hosted in their own country – of course, according to the provisions of the EU GDPR. Microsoft was the first cloud provider to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. Therefore, this concern has already been eliminated from the world.
  • Fast integration: Microsoft Azure can be quickly integrated into existing IT infrastructures.
  • Comprehensive: Developments can be implemented with any tools and frameworks and in the desired development language. More than 100 services help to realize the developments even faster.

With Microsoft Azure, you can personalize your cloud and pay for just what you consume. Azure environments can only be used intermittently and not waste resources.

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