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Microsoft Improves File Explorer with Latest Windows 10 Preview Build

By May 19, 2019No Comments

Microsoft, the well know America multinational company founded in April of 1975, by two visionaries Paul Allen and Bill Gates which started off by selling Basic Interpreters is now currently dominating the Information Technology industry.

It manufactures, develops, sells computer software, provides licenses supports, sells consumer electronics, and related services. During 1990, the company diversified its operations from providing operating systems to acquiring new corporate businesses. Among these corporate businesses, the biggest acquisition of $26.2 billion was LinkedIn in December of 2016. Even Skype was acquired for $8.5 billion dollars in May of 2011.

In 2014, Satya Nadella became the CEO. Since then the company focused on new technologies like cloud computing, which helped it to reach its great share market value.

In April 2019, the company was valued over $1 trillion. This was a milestone for Microsoft as it was the 3rd US public company to be valued at more than $1 trillion.

The popular software products developed by Microsoft are – Microsoft Windows line up, Internet Explorer, Microsoft office suite which is widely used in the corporate sector. In terms of hardware also it has some of the top-rated consoles like Xbox and in the category or computers – surface pro.

The company has been very particular about updating and keeping up with the current trend. Regular updates for the latest version of Windows helps in improving the performance a lot. The popular products include Windows 7, 8, eight pro and latest Windows 10.


On May 8, 2019, Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18894 (20H1) was released. As this build is in the developing phase so it may contain some bugs which is normal. So if you have no problem with that, you can surely upgrade, else it is recommended to stay at the 19H1 platform.

Some minor updates are:

  • New color and size of the mouse pointer
  • Better touchy screen typing experience as the system will try to coordinate more and learn according to your typing pattern
  • New gallery view for screenshots and adjustment of visual graphics in the sound box.
  • New terminal tab for software for consoles like – command prompt, power shell.
  • New icons in the windows tab.

The year where major improvements can be seen in the file manager software of Microsoft take from the users’ feedback to increase consistency and make it comparatively simpler when it comes to locating the files in the Microsoft file explorer.

Now it helps in better integration with one drive online content with old-fashioned indexed outcomes. In the beginning, the update will be rolling for a small percentage of users for trial and gaining feedbacks as it will have bugs. Later the fixed version will be reaching to all the users.

Some of the key highlights are:

  • Allows you to find files starting with the dot name, as compared to earlier when you’ll get an error.
  • Creating files starting with dot name
  • Access Linux files using the command prompt or file explorer
  • The major improvements can be seen in design and accessibility

In the new update as anything is typed in the search box of File Explorer, you’ll now see a dropdown list with a lot of suggested files to choose from at your fingertips to make the search quick and easy. The file location can be easily opened by right-clicking the entry as an option would then automatically appear.

In terms of design if you open file manager or press CTRL+E a drop-down history of your search results will appear.

There is also an option of giving feedback to the Microsoft if you face any issue or want to give your opinion about the update. For this, you just need to sort them as “Folders,” “Files,” and “Online Storage” > “File Explorer” along the Feedback center.

In terms of accessibility, the improvement is as follows 

  • Table related improvement – the header information is not repeated during navigating from one-row or column. Amount of the information displayed while entering or exiting table also have information limited to what is required. Increased efficiency of the narration while reading tables.
  • Web page summary by the narrator – Have you ever wanted just the main content of a webpage, well in the new update when you press narrator plus S, then it will give the information of all the hyperlink, landmark and headings.
  • Windows magnifier – During magnifying the mouse cursor will be centered in on the screen which makes it easier to type. It is in function by default, but can be switched off in the settings.

Following are the issue that was fixed due to the update 

  1. The issue faced when anything was scrolled with the help of a mouse or a touchpad of a laptop. Before the launch of the update scrolling issues were experienced which was fixed down the line.
  2. Crashing of the application when the memory integrity page was being accessed.
  3. The DPI optimization of the Windows Update icon on the taskbar.
  4. The crashing of “Add someone else to the PC” was fixed which was not operating when an MSA user tried to add another user to the concerned PC.
  5. The crashing of the PowerPoint edit tab when the Narrator + R command was passed.
  6. Narrator + F2 would not list or read “Null” after the command was passed.
  7. The issue with low volume which could not be increased.

From the above improvement and updates, it can be concluded that Microsoft had improved its file explorer with a brand new Windows 10 update. It is essential that we upgrade and make ourselves better so that the speed at which a final task can be executed improves. Up-gradation is essential in every field as it saves time and increases efficiency in the long run. Microsoft realizes this aspect very well and this is precisely why the business form has been able to not only survive but dominate the IT industry for an extended period of time.

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