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Outsourced IT Services: Mitigating the Risks

By November 6, 2018No Comments4 min read
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Organizations are competing hard to stay ahead in the competition these days. IT startups are emerging at a fast pace to make a mark in the competitive market. They want to utilize every possible technology to stand a class apart in the crowd. But, thriving in today’s world is not everyone’s cup of tea. The underlying reason for the increasing failure of startups is that they find it difficult to utilize their available resources. Many a time, they overestimate the capabilities of their employees. Also, often they don’t know how to utilize a technology for their business profitability.

A clever person either knows how things work or he knows someone who can make them work for him. This applies to the IT industry as well. Carefully selecting what might work out the best for you is all that can make a difference to your organization. You need to choose the right technology and resources to be able to improve your business productivity and efficiency. By outsourcing this selection process to experts, you can ensure your survival in this tough competition.

Other Advantages to Outsourcing IT Services:

  1. To meet the deadlines which your team is finding difficult.
  2. To add a new technology in your organization that you don’t expertise in.
  3. To minimize the cost of hiring permanent employees for a one-time work.
  4. To use an expensive technology which a third party offers as a service.
  5. To scale your network and resources to meet the growing demand of users.
  6. To meet certain regulatory compliances.

Risks associated with outsourcing your IT services:

Outsourcing the IT requirements can boost a small organization. But there are risks associated in this bold step. Many big organizations already have sorted out their contacts. However, the startups face difficulty in identifying a genuine company to outsource their work.

An expert team will work on your startup idea whenever you give it to a third party. Therefore, there are fair risks associated with outsourcing. Some of them are listed below:

  • Trust issues for the first timers
  • Lack of full control over the production
  • Integrity and security of your data
  • Shifting and aligning your business goals with the goals of the outsourced company
  • Delays in the delivery of the project

Points to consider before hiring a third-party service:

In order to avoid any disruption and vendor lock-ins, you should evaluate a third-party service provider. From a highly experienced team to a cost-effective service, you can easily choose the right company for your business. The following parameters should be considered before outsourcing your project:


As a newbie, you will find trust issues to work with a third-party company. To mitigate all the trust issues, you should look at the credibility of the company. Social media is the right place to start with. You will find genuine reviews from their previous clients. Also, every reputed company has its website. You will be able to find their work experience and samples there. This will help you develop confidence in hiring someone for the first time. You will be assured that your precious project is in the right hands.

Cost efficiency:

As a startup, your first aim is to minimize production cost and maximize the results. Every third-party service provider has a different experience level and expert team. They will charge more or less for their services accordingly. Often, business owners fail to estimate the cost and end up spending more than expected. Therefore, before outsourcing the project, you should analyze your needs and decide a budget. Then sort out the list of vendors according to their expertise and services.  Doing so will maximize your return on investment.


An essential goal of outsourcing is to add something new to your existing work practices. You always want to keep up with the trends. Following redundant work practices will ultimately slow down your production. You should ask your vendor about what new he has to offer. He should use the innovations in technology for productivity. And train your staff to adopt new procedures to improve their quality of work.  Accounting the innovation will ensure that your work is done using the latest technology.


You are relying on a third-party service to complete your project. Your worst fear of outsourcing might be continuous setbacks in your business objectives. You should always analyze the timeliness of your third-party service provider. If possible, talk to their previous clients and inquire whether they got their projects delivered on time or not. Also, you should develop a strong service level agreement (SLA). Include all the requirements and project deadlines to which both the parties can agree.

A good business deal is the one that is beneficial for all the associated parties. A third-party service provider will work in coordination with you to take your business to new heights of success. But, the selection of the right partner becomes highly essential for a successful project completion. Many third-party service providers have emerged in the last few years. Each having his own domain of expertise. With your crucial ideas being developed by an outsider, you should act smart before selecting a one for your business.

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