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Ransomware: What Is It and How to Be Safe from It?

By March 31, 2019No Comments6 min read
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The cyberbullying is on the high stake nowadays. Due to the increase in online dependency, the cybercriminals are attacking many businesses and official sites.

Ransomware is a malicious software which defines this cyberbullying as the blocking of any system done for the sake of money. These attackers hack the system of a business and ask for ransoms or money in return for the stolen data.

This ransomware bullying paralyzes the systematic operation of any organization or business. The ransomware is a type of software attacks that steal the cyber data of any company until and unless a large sum of money is paid in return.

Malware Protection against these cyber ransomware is very important for big multinational companies and businesses; otherwise, you have to pay an amount to get your personal information back from attackers.

If you want to get rid of ransomware attacks, then you must secure the data of your businesses very well before any such mishap occurs to the organization. However, this ransomware business is quite popular today in the profitable market, so it might take few important steps to follow to stop such attacks and secure your business from such threats because we know, precautions are always better than cure.

To get rid of becoming a victim of malware attacks, follow these simple steps:-

  • Install antivirus 

Ensure the regular use of security software on your company’s computer to avoid any type of ransomware software attacking the data of your company. Antivirus software scan for any type of malware present on the computer. Keep updating the antivirus software on a regular basis so as to avoid cyberattacks which occurs every other day.

Make space for installing the antivirus software on your company’s computer and make a habit of keeping it up to date always. Scanning the malware viruses helps to keep your professional and financial data safe. You can also use any trusted security suite which offers some more features other than just being an antivirus.

  • Daily Backup every single data 

Most of the times, the attackers capture the data and make it inaccessible for the company. So always make a habit to backup all the important databases, files on external hard drives to make sure that even if your data is hacked and captured, you will still have access to your backup data.

Nowadays cloud services are considered best in such cases. Cloud services enable data backup with another space on your computer. You will not need to use any external hard drive to backup your data. Even after the malware attack, you have a copy of your data in your hand. This ensures that the victim is no longer under the pressure of hacker anymore.

  • Avoid unknown emails 

Ransomware is a malicious software, so the main method of capturing the data of your business can be through the emails.

You must be sure about the authenticity of the mail that it came from a trusted source otherwise ignore it. Hackers try to still your data through unknown emails. If you click any click in these unknown emails, the hackers will instantly have access to your data.

To avoid ransomware through e-mails, you must avoid opening emails from unknown mail ids and do not open any type of attachments or links present in the mail. Such attachments and links may carry viruses to attack your professional and financial data.

  • Keep software updated 

Every software update has a new version of patches which helps to provide security from the ransomware malware. Make sure that the computers of your company are managed by a good software engineer who is instructed well to keep the software and operating system of the computer up to date for strong security.

New updated software helps to manage the functioning of antivirus security software efficiently so that if any type of virus or ransomware is detected, then it is removed precisely before any type of data loss.

  • Use Whitelisting software

Everyone has surely once in a lifetime heard about blacklisting. Blacklist is used to add the unknown contacts to that list and block them for a lifetime from accessing your data. In the same way whitelisting can be done to avoid and block malware by only allowing specific programs to be run on the company’s computer.

For this type of malware security, you need to install a whitelist software and add some specific business software to be given allowance to use the company’s computer which helps to avoid any type of ransomware malware attacks on the company’s data.

  • Avoid spear phishing

The main way used by ransomware software to attack business data is through spear phishing. Spear Phishing is highly effective due to the use of social media at a very high rate.

Today social media marketing is preferred by most organizations, thus your social media page reaches out to more unknown friends. Among these unknown friends, there are ransomware attackers, and they take the access to the data of business through spear phishing.

Avoid spear phishing by educating the employees about the proper purpose and working of ransomware bullying through spear phishing.

These are some best ways to protect your business from ransomware. If you are in a situation where your data is hacked and captured by any ransomware software, then make sure not to pay a single penny to the ransomware.

There is no surety that even after paying you can get your data back in hand, this is just a blackmail attack so ignore it. Just keep the backup of your data and protect the important professional and financial data of your company from such situations.

Avoid getting trapped by ransomware attackers by hiring knowledgeable and trusted employees in your company otherwise you can lose your data due to ignorance of any one of your employee, which is the worse that can happen to a business or organization.

Employees should be tested well for protecting your data against ransomware. Manage your software networking, and keep updating your computer’s software every other day. If you still want to know more about such malpractices and how to prevent them, then consult an IT services Miami today.

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