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Security Information & Event Management

By December 13, 2018No Comments6 min read

In the world of business, you must be competent enough to bring your business to the top of your particular industry. Nowadays, several technologies are developed to help businesses grow in the market. One of these technology innovations is Security Information and Event Management. Well, do you want to know how it will benefit your business? Then, this article is for you. First, let us know what Security Information and Event Management are.

What is SIEM?

Security Information and Event Management or SIEM is software that allows you to monitor threats to keep the safety of your business. It offers you real-time security alerts as well as improved compliance. If you want to have the best security for your business, then it is a wise decision to use SIEM.

How does Security Information & Event Management work?

SIEM software can centralize the storage and interpretation of logs. It can collect data and analyze for reporting. With the help of this technology, you can have a reliable system that will aid you to establish quick analysis as well as identifying security events in real time.

How Security Information and Event Management will benefit your business?

Security Information and Event Management can be a useful tool for your businesses as well as IT departments. The following are the advantages of SIEM for your organization.

  • Improved efficiency

The SIEM system can organize event logs from various devices across networks. With this, the team of your organization can use it easily for determining the possible issues. It is also useful to check any activity and analyzes files quickly. The SIEM software can help the staff to handle tasks easily and spend more time on other important aspects of their job. Enhancing reporting process within your business is effective.

  • Saving money

It is natural that as a business owner, you may find it hard to gain more potential income from your own business. However, if you desire for more innovative business tool, SIEM software can help you. It is a cost-effective way to help you grow your business.

  • Cutting the impact of security events

SIEM system is effective for reducing the effects of security events. It is the best way to maintain security as well as the excellent operation of your organization.

  • Avoiding potential security breaches

With the aid of SIEM software, you can have a quick response to possible security events that can be detected. As a result, you can decrease the security breach on your business. Even more important, it can also prevent damages caused to your IT systems and business. The software is not just aimed to protect your business but also to grow your business most reliably.

  • IT compliance

SIEM comes with the extensive compliance reporting system. It is crucial for easy and fast IT compliance. If you want to conform to your IT compliance requirements, then you can make SIEM as your effective partner.

  • Improved reporting, analysis, retention and log collection

What makes SIEM unique is that it can help you to enhance reporting, analysis, and other important tasks within your organization.

  • Threat intelligence

When an attack or breach happens, the SIEM system can help you to generate a report on how it happens. You can use the data for refining internal procedures and create adjustments with your network infrastructure. It keeps away your network infrastructure to evolve to generate new threats.

Well, there is several Security Information and Event Management system in the market. It is therefore advisable for you to carefully choose the best one that can meet your specific business needs. Are you currently finding the best SIEM tool for your business? Then, we can significantly help you. To mention a few, the following is the list of the top Security Information and Event Management in the market.

Top SIEM tools

  • SolarWinds Log and Event Manager

Considered one of the most competitive SIEM tools in the industry, it can offer you comprehensive log management features and report. You can immediately manage and identify threats because of its real-time incident response. It comes with an intuitive dashboard design that can match to your standards and expectations.

  • Splunk Enterprise Security

It is one of the premiere SIEM management solutions all over the world. You can monitor the machine date and network on a real-time basis. It can display alerts for your business’ maximum security.

  • AlienVault Unified Security Management

It is one of the best but pricey SIEM solutions in today’s generation. It comes with vulnerability assessment, built-in intrusion detection as well as behavioral monitoring. It has onboard analytic that you can expect for a platform of the scale.

Open Threat Exchange (OTX) is one of its unique platforms. It is a web portal that allows you to upload the indicators of compromise or (IOC) for helping other users flag threats. Small business can still upscale the security infrastructure for their security. It is perfect for small business because of its affordable cost.

  • RSA NetWitness

If you desire to have a comprehensive network analytics solution, then this one is for you. This SIEM tool is very easy to use and can also be very efficient even for larger businesses. However, one of its downfalls is that the initial set up is a little bit time-consuming.

  • LogRhythm Security

LogRhythm is a pioneer in the SIEM solution industry. This platform can help your organization with artificial intelligence and behavioral analysis to log correlation. It is compatible with different devices and logs. You can configure your settings with Deployment Manager. It can also help to narrow down about your network. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it simple and easy to use.

With Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software, you can implement adequate security measures that will benefit your business as well as the team that operates your business. You can also upgrade your security infrastructure as it can help you to have the best business solutions for a successful business. To learn more about SIEM services, you can get in touch with Bleuwire. We can always help you with the success of your business.

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