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Why Your IT Service Provider Is Skipping Your QBR (Spoiler: They Are Cheating)

By May 29, 2020No Comments5 min read
MSP Quarterly Business review

Customer reviews can be an intimidating thing for MSPs. Most companies try to avoid reviews because they don’t want to tackle tough subjects. You might think that it is better to avoid your discomfort. However, Bleuwire feels that IT managed service providers shouldn’t run away from reviews. Reviews will help you in establishing communication with your clients. This is very important for mutual success. You shouldn’t worry about negative reviews as it will help you in providing better services to your clients. IT service provider should try their best to provide better services to their clients.

A good MSP will always improve their service qualities. Customers don’t want to work with MSP that is afraid of honest reviews. It is our duty to constantly look for new opportunities. This will help us in delivering better results to our clients. Managed services providers shouldn’t act like a team of janitors. Janitors can only protect your business from falling down. However, true MSP will help you in opening various doors for your enterprise. They will help you in finding better opportunities. QBR is very important for every MSP. In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of QBR.

Definition of QBR:

QBR or Quarterly Business review is done after every quarter. It is a special meeting between Managed service providers and their clients. In this meeting, the MSP will share an in-depth analysis of the services that they are offering. Many MSPs also share their own custom ideas during this idea. In this meeting, both the MSP and the client will review important information. This information is divided into three main stages.

  1. What your MSP has done in the last quarter?

Clients will check if the Managed service provider is actually fulfilling their SLA or Service-level agreement. If your MSP is not sharing the latest ideas, then you might miss some business opportunities. A good MSP like Bleuwire will provide you SLA related data. They will also provide you the data of surveys that they have conducted. These surveys will help you in checking your customer’s satisfaction level. They will also share a list of end-users’ issues that are occurring frequently.

Managed service providers should provide all this data to their clients. This will help their clients in checking the performance of their provider. It is important to make sure that all the clients are happy with managed service provider performance. You can’t achieve this by providing a 200-page report to your clients. Most people don’t have time to read big reports. Thus, MSP should create business informing charts for their data. This will ensure that the clients can quickly understand the data.

  1. What are clients going to do in the future?

This is the second portion of any QBR meeting. In this section, MSP will ask questions from the clients. The client’s voice is the most important thing in this step. It is important to ensure that the clients are satisfied with the MSP work.

Clients should share the business objectives they want to complete. Also, they should share all the issues that they are currently facing. MSP should help their clients in overcoming these issues. You should share all the technologies that you want to implement in the future. This is a very important conversation between the client and the managed service provider. It will help them in creating a better understanding. Managed service providers should forget about sales during this phase. It is important to understand the needs of your clients first.

  1. How is MPS going to align the client’s budget and needs with their resources?

This is mostly the last portion of any QBR meeting. It will combine the previous two parts that we have talked about. MSP should get inspired by their client’s dedication. It will help you in getting inspired. Thus, you will look for ways that will help you in growing your business.

It is important to make sure that your client’s budget and SLA are meeting with your goals. You should also suggest new tools that will help your client in growing their business. If you think that your client is using outdated technology, then you should ask them to replace that technology. Many managed service providers don’t talk about these important things during QBR meetings. Thus, they might ask their client to buy a new server immediately. It is important to discuss all things in advance with your clients. This will ensure that your client can prepare themselves financially.

Many IT companies think that QBR is actually a sales meeting. However, they are completely wrong. Your MSP is going to discuss your IT spend and budgeting at this meeting. But, they will also ask about your company’s future. They will help you in determining your future IT needs. QBR will help you in combining the business intelligence of both clients and Managed service providers.

QBR will help both the involved parties in expressing their good and ugly. This is very important as it will create a special bond between MSP and their clients. They will learn to trust each other. MSPs should understand their client’s business needs. They should provide them valuable business insight. If both the parties are working together, then both will succeed.


Many MSPs try to run away from reviews and QBR meetings. However, this will only make them tech janitors. It is important to conduct QBR meetings after every 90 days. This will help MSPs in creating a reputable process. They can deliver better services to their clients. If your clients need better solutions, then you can create custom solutions for them. Also, QBR meetings are actually not any sales pitch. Both parties can share their requirements at this meeting. They can combine their business intelligence for creating better solutions. MSPs should help their clients in figuring out their client’s future needs. Thus, they can financially prepare themselves for new technologies. Bleuwire is continuously conducting these meetings with their clients. It is helping them in providing better results to their clients.

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