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Skype for Business – Optimize and Unify Communication

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The goal today is to use so few different programs for different processes. Skype for Business is a program that enables Unified Communications. That means it brings together all the major communication services, including emails, instant messaging, phone calls and video conferencing. It works flexibly because it can be used independent of device and location. In addition, Skype for Business not only runs on Windows machines, but is also accessible via macOS, the browser and smartphones.

The key to introducing Skype for Business is that it can simplify and streamline your business processes by requiring only one application for all of your corporate communications.

“Combine all communication channels in a tool that lets you work anywhere.”


Skype for Business combines different communication channels in one tool. The program is suitable both as an application for instant messages (company chat tool), as well as e-mail replacement, to keep the overview in the e-mail directory. Furthermore, Skype for Business can replace the telephone system. This can also help call several people and a conference call can be easily held quickly. The integrated video function allows conferences to be held in video format. In addition, it is possible to delete software that is used to hold webinars. The application options exist both for the PC as a remote version, as well as in the browser or on mobile phones and tablets. As a result, it is easy to work independently of location.

Requirements for using Skype for Business

Basically, you can run Skype for Business on your own server, host it with an IT service provider or use it in the Office 365 Cloud. An IT service provider Bleuwire™   will advise you on which solution is right for your company.
Skype for Business also works with the On-Premise solution Office 2016. However, this solution is not as flexible and highly available as the application from the Microsoft Office 365 cloud package. Also, the benefits of linking to other Office programs cannot be realized. Alternatively, there is the free Skype for Business Web App, which should be used only for exceptions, such as contact with customers. Of course, this is also not highly available.

“Use Skype for Business through a server or from the cloud.”

Knowledgeable functions

Skype for Business offers many features that can be of great help in your day-to-day business.

With Skype for Business, you can of course also hold webinars and telephone and video conferences. The big advantage of this is that up to 250 people can attend a meeting. You can present a PowerPoint presentation directly in Skype as well as share your screen to show other applications on your computer.

For example, if you hold a conference call, you have the option to switch to the video format at any time. This change lends itself to, For example, using the integrated drawing tool to explain ideas more clearly and to show them directly.

At the time of a meeting you have entered into your Outlook calendar, your availability status in Skype will automatically change. A link to Microsoft Outlook, for example, which offers the package Office 365, is thus a significant advantage.
Of course, you can also manually adjust the status if, for example, you do not want to be disturbed. If you lock your smartphone or PC, the status is automatically set to “not present”. Your colleagues or customers always know whether you are available.

“No matter how big your business is, Skype for Business adapts to you.”

Summary of the benefits of Skype for Business

The list below should give you a clear overview of the key benefits of Skype for Business:

  • Site and device independence allows easy work in international project teams, saving costs as business trips to other locations are no longer necessary to conduct project meetings, and also allows home office work.
  • There is only one tool left for all communication channels. This optimizes and simplifies the company processes and also saves costs here.
  • Skype for Business enables faster and complete communication internally and externally. Increased response times increase customer satisfaction.
  • If you already own Microsoft Office 365 licenses, Skype for Business comes with it directly. However, you have even more possibilities to integrate Skype for Business into your company and can choose the right solution for you.

You would like to include Skype for Business in your corporate communications?

We are happy to help you. On our website, you can find more information about our services for Skype for Business and other Office 365 products.

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