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Software Similar to MS Office May Include Hacking Vulnerability

By April 28, 2019No Comments

The technology is growing and developing rapidly at its peak, and so are risks and drawbacks. Most of the hacks today are done based on sweeping and use of indiscriminate probes to all computers connected to the internet. In here every computer is targeted, and then the hackers detect the unprotected desktop computers and access important information. Every unprotected computer can be really valuable for hackers.

We may choose software similar to MS office to avoid the problems that may come with MS office software. But similar software is also not safe. The MS office clones such as an Apache OpenOffice or LibreOffice provide the same core content of functionality, but the fact is that it is not. This is what gives a chance to the hackers to do their work and to identify the weakness in your computer or any other device and to exploit through that weakness to gain complete access to your device. Such aspects provide hackers an easy way for cybercrime.


Cybercrime is to use a computer or any other device via illegal practices such as computer viruses and many other unauthorized electronic fund transfers and many illegal activities. Top five cyber crimes can be listed in the following types:

Identify theft:

It is one of the common types of cybercrime. It steals someone’s personal information on illegal grounds.

Copyrighted information:

It is done by distributing copyright protected files to get exploited such as e-book and other programs.

Fund transfer:

Fund transfer is done through unauthorized access of the computer networks to make out illegal fund transfers.


It is usually done to send unauthorized emails. These emails generally include advertisements.

Denial of service attack:

This allows hackers to use a computer in multiple locations to attack service and can even shut them down.

What are hacking tools?

The software or program designed and made to help in hacking or can be utilized for hacking purposes, they are known as hacking tools. Some of the examples are Nmap, John the Ripper, p0f, mSpy, Nessus, KeyMonitor.

 How is hacking through MS office, or similar software is done :

The cybercrime is becoming more and more common these days. The technology is increasing and developing quite fast so does the hacking techniques and viruses to attack the users.

There are several tricks of hacking and infecting a computer, and one of the famous technique of infecting a computer is by using affected and poisoned MS office files which contains a dangerous and harmful script inside the file.

The new malicious threat which is related to this type of hacking and attacking had newly observed. The attackers get total remote access to a computer by using IQY files. The main hazardous threat and issue of this problem is that most of the antivirus programs fail to identify and detect these type of malicious files.

Contaminated emails:

  • Malware will be hidden in an attachment of the email. And once the attachment is unlocked the malware software starts its execution.
  • Emails can also have links for malicious websites, which often referred to as phishing.
  • Hackers also probe for weak2 in attempt to do so they send out a number of emails to compromise firewalls and detect systems to gain access.
  • You may also get connected with malware with affected social media pages.

Ways in which hackers can use your computer or device:

Once hackers get access to your device there are a number of ways in which they can use it, such as listed below:

  • The hackers can send malicious emails to all the contacts you have in your computer or device, to spread viruses, spyware, and malware.
  • They can also use the accessing computer as a part of a massive network of hijacked network or devices.
  • Sniff out can copy traffic of the network which can include the traffic of credit card and it’s details or any other data processing server.
  • Your computer can also become a center of trade for illegal exchange of stolen material or data.
  • Your computer could be a focal point, and then the hackers spread their hacks to all other connected devices from your device.

Most of the times our security software may even make us aware of many threats to malware and other viruses on contaminated websites or links but what most of the educated people do is just ignore them. This gives hackers full permission to interpret in the device’s settings and get easy access to the computers or other devices.

Never consider your device as a safe one because uncertainties don’t give warnings and most people are unaware of them. Don’t go for unauthorized and uncertified or cloned software’s because it’s not safe to put your trust by keeping the important data in these software’s as most of them can get easily targeted by the hackers and will leak your important data.

Mostly unauthorized software or clones doesn’t take necessary measures to keep the user’s device safe. They just want to keep the work going and nothing else, but when it comes to authorized software’s like MS office who have goodwill in the market take all necessary safety measures and try to keep their software user-friendly, they also keep updating their software according to requirements of the users.

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