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The 5 Best Microsoft Office Add-Ins

By April 18, 2019April 24th, 2019No Comments

Most of the youngsters will now say that their childhood was all about Microsoft word, excel, and PowerPoint. These are included in our academics as a part of the main syllabus of computer exam.

From learning the definition of computer, mouse, and keyboard, today we use them on a daily basis. The invention of the computer made everything easy, but it was Microsoft that brought them to a comfort zone.

Nowadays more advanced and refined version of Microsoft can be seen after a period of evolutionary changes in it. Microsoft Add-Ins is one of the advancements of Microsoft office. To interact with our childhood’s well-acquainted software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. we need Microsoft Office Add-Ins. They help us to extend the office applications and interact with the official documents. It helps us create new objects like PowerPoint presentations etc.

There are 2 basic components of Microsoft Office add-ins namely XML manifest file and your own web application. Manifest is an XML file that specifies settings and capabilities of Microsoft Office add-ins.

XML contribute to add-ins display name, ID, version, description and default locale. Also, the integration of these add-ins with the office is done by XML. The data access requirements and permission level for add-ins are also done by XML manifest file.

On the other hand, the web application is a software program which the user can access with the help of the internet through web browsers. The web application includes online forms, photos, and videos editing, spreadsheets, email such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc. Moreover, file scanning and file conversion are also a part of the web application.

5 Best Microsoft Office Add-Ins –

  1. Boomerang for Outlook

Boomerang acts as an assistant for the users. It makes tasks easier and stress-free. With this, we can schedule almost all our works. We can create an email in our free time and schedule it for a later time and date.

Nowadays we all face common problems of too many emails when we are busy or when we try to concentrate on one task. Boomerang pauses the inbox and takes us far away from distraction, and we can do our work peacefully with more efficiency. We can schedule our meeting in just one email through this. In this way, we can get zero human errors while scheduling the meetings. This add-in helps to send messages in perfect time and get a reminder. It also gives notification when the recipient doesn’t respond. It is a smart calendar assistant. With these special features, Boomerang makes our tasks stress free and errorless.

  1. Woodpecker Legal Document Automation for Word

It is one of the most trusted and useful add-ins. It can convert any documents into a standardized template by means of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. If you have an existing template, it will convert it into woodpecker template overnight without many efforts.

Also, it can convert any document as a template with dynamic formula, calculations, etc. With this, you don’t have to send the same information to everyone and prepare multiple documents and populate it. It is magical; without opening word, it can prepare documents automatically from a client intake form or emails. It is also available for a free trial for 14 days. So everyone can have a glance at features and experience it.

  1. XL Tools Data Cleaning for Excel

We all use excel in creating the data in a proper and standard manner. But when we copy paste the data or import external data to excel, we may get many mistakes then we need to rectify it. But when the data is in bulk, humans find it impossible or very difficult to work on it, or if we are running out of time, so Microsoft got another add-in for that which is XL Data cleaning. It trims extra spaces and removes line breaks as well as non-printing characters from the pasted data. Moreover, it is great in rectifying the text to proper case, upper case, lower case. It can even convert text to numbers and even numbers to text.

  1. Pick it for PowerPoint

When it comes to discussing an upcoming project or making a plan or smart class for students, PowerPoint is the most important tool for all these. Pickit is the fastest way to make professional presentations and saves our times and provides high-quality contents. We can insert any photo, illustrations or icons in just one click with the help of this add-in. It has access to the editor’s choice collections specially designed for PowerPoint.

Also, we can get suggestions about the presentation, tips, design ideas, and layouts. The images suggested here are licensed, so users are free to use it with safety making it more convenient for business or people at work. It can read the documents and make changes in the documents accordingly and can send the data through the internet. It is available for a free trial of 7 days. Pickit has made our PowerPoint work easier and stress-free as presentations and slides are the most important part of our work nowadays and are used by students to employees in every field

  1. Copy leaks plagiarism checker for word

Fraudulent activities have increased in today’s world. Even on the internet people tend to copy the data from other websites hampering their copyrights. Copy leaks are specially designed to secure your copyrights and decrease these wrong deeds. Copy leaks use sophisticated algorithms which can scan, track texts.

It can scan the data in every language and has access to 60 trillion pages and can search the whole internet to verify the data. Also, supports various files like doc, pdf, etc. We can use this for educational as well as business purposes. This add-in ensures security and helps us to avoid infringement. In education, the priority is students knowledge, so it helps the teachers to know that the data submitted by students are their own knowledge or an outcome of plagiarism. It is useful in business also as it helps them avoid infringement. So it is a complete package to check leaks without a miss.

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