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The Dominance of MacBook Pro in the Market

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Everyone dreams of having an Apple device in their hand. Apple has undoubtedly proven to be one of the most promising and prominent technology company in the world. Being founded in a garage by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, Apple first started as a computer pioneer, which today makes literally everything ranging from laptops to portable media players. It is said to be a technology giant which has been dominating the market since 1976. Starting with the computer, they then entered the smartphone market in the year 2007, and since then it has released a large number of iPhones. After the mobile industry, they entered the tablet market with the pads and the smartwatch market with Apple Watch.

The thing that makes Apple different from other companies is the power of the brand name. It has secured the spot of the most valuable company in the market. The innovation that it brings in their every new product makes this dominance more strong. But the fact still lies that what makes Apple and the products launched by them dominant in the market?

The Steve Jobs Brand

The name Steve Jobs is heard synonymous to the name of the company Apple, just as a brand. The Founder or you can say the innovator is the one who has been able to make Apple achieve the loyalty it is receiving today.

He was the main force behind the launch of new products as well the marketing techniques opted for these launches. But in the year 2011 when he died due to pancreatic cancer, everyone thought that the company’s scope would degrade. But even after the arrival of Tim Cook as the new CEO, the company is still succeeding.

A diverse range of products:

When we trace back, we have seen many diverse and innovative products launched by Apple. From a single computers range to laptops, smartphones, tablets, and Smart Watches. Apple has been a revolutionize company making its mark in every technology. The new technology and the updates in the software inspire and excite the customers to stand in the queue after the new product launch. Not only inspires the customers but the innovative system even encourages the developers and the industry as a whole.

The Dynamic Business Plan:

The main reason for the success of Apple is the dynamic business plans the team applies. Jobs was the one who intently studied the market plan and divulged with the needs of the customers.

Just as it started as a big computer company, it has expanded into various technological products. Jobs believed that the company held greater importance due to this he changed its name from Apple Computer Inc. to Apple Inc. The name itself reflects the broadened vision of the company.

Branded Retail stores and outlets:

Apple was aware that the traditional retail stores were not able to provide them the experience that they wanted to provide to their customers to increase their brand awareness. Thus, this reason inspired them to open their own retail stores. The launch of its retail stores was a push that the company wanted to surge the market.

The above reasons surely make Apple the most competing brand and the most influential one in the industry. Apart from smartphones and tablets, Apple has even become a strong leader in Laptop technology.

The MacBook Pro is the line Macintosh computers which were introduced by the company in the year 2006. It is said to be the high-end model of the MacBook family available. The Pro has been frequently seen to advance in its features and performance which has made it dominate the market of the notebooks. But what are the elements that make it dominating?

In recent years, Apple has updated MacBook Pro with the latest and the fastest technology and features, thus making it the most advanced MacBook pro ever. Today the MacBook Pro comes with the eight gen Intel core processor, and it sports a touch bar feature. The quad-core processor on the 13-inch pro which ideally increases its performance to two times and the fifteen inch model with 6 cores increase its performance to 70%.

It has already become the most favored workstation for the developers around the world as it can compile the codes faster and can even run together many virtual machines and easier test environments.

The additional updates that are seen in the New MacBook pro include a third generation computer for quieter typing, true tone display, and extra support for 32GB memory. But the first in class touch ID and touch bar, powerful Radeon pro graphics, large force touch trackpad, the supersonic stereo speakers, Thunderbolt 3 for data transfer, silent Apple-designed cooling system and the fast charging is what makes the MacBook dominating in the market of notebooks making it the ultimate pro notebook.

The features that truly defines dominance include:

Powerful and Faster

With the eight gen quad-core processor in the 13-inch pro and 8th generation six-core Intel processor in 15-inch pro, the new MacBook has surely become the fastest and the most powerful in the world on computing. With the new features, the customer can now be more flexible in their work and work on different types of projects with the new MacBook Pro.

Retina Display: Ultimate Viewing Experience that delivers true tone:

The retina display supports P3 wide color gamut, and the brightness of 500 nits makes it the best notebook display of all the time. With the inclusion of True touch technology, the experience has enhanced.

Enhanced Security with the Apple T2 Chip Delivers and “Hey Siri” on Mac:

The new MacBook proline comes with the new T2 chip which was initially introduced in Mac Pro. With this feature, the pro now delivers the enhanced security system with support to boot. Other than that the feature “Hey Siri” has also been introduced for the first time.

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