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The Future of Edge Computing

By December 2, 2020No Comments6 min read
Future of Edge Computing

Edge computing is the new exciting network technology. It is a new network architecture that is helping companies in breaking the limitations of cloud-based networks. Cloud computing is still going to play a major role in this network architecture. However, IoT devices have completely changed the network game. These devices can gather data at the edge of your network. Thus, companies are thinking to reconstruct their network infrastructure.

However, many company companies still don’t know about the benefits of edge computing. In this article, we are going to talk about edge computing.

Definition of Edge Computing:

Cloud networks are always centralized in nature. The data is transmitted to the server where it will get processed. However, this model ignores the fact that the devices at the edge of the network can also store and process the data. Most devices can connect to a WiFi or cellular network. Also, their hardware has become very powerful with time.

Most IoT devices are becoming powerful with time. These devices can gather, process, and store your data. Thus, companies can optimize their networks by using these IoT devices. You can relocate your processing functions to these devices as these devices will be located at the network edge. These devices can analyze the data.

Edge computing will help companies in reducing latency. Also, it will help companies in increasing their performance. The flexibility and speed provided by this network model will help you in improving your network.

Benefits of Edge Computing:

  1. Speed

Network speed is very important for many businesses. It is especially important for hospitals and financial companies. Most finance companies depend upon trading algorithms. Thus, they can lose millions of dollars due to a slowdown of a few milliseconds. These companies need access to the fastest available network. Also, network speed is very important for businesses that are providing data-driven services. If their network is slow, then it will damage their brand image. Thus, network speed has become the best practice now.

Edge computing will also reduce the latency in your network. You can use edge devices or edge data centers for storing and processing your data. Thus, your data don’t need to travel back to the main server.

  1. Security

Many companies think that edge computing will increase the attack surface. However, there are also many security benefits of using edge devices. The main problem with cloud computing is that it is centralized in nature. Thus, attackers can use DDoS attacks for targeting your main data center. Also, power outages and other disasters can affect your network stability. Edge computing will help you in distributing storage, applications, and processing across different data centers and devices.

These edge devices can also act as an entry point for attackers. Thus, they can send malware through these devices. This can be a disadvantage of using edge computing. However, the distributed nature will ensure that you can easily implement all the security protocols. This will help you in disconnecting the compromised devices from the network.

  1. Scalability

Companies are growing with time and their IT infrastructure can’t keep up with their needs. However, companies can’t invest their money into building a new data center. If you are building a new data center, then you need to worry about the construction and maintenance costs. Also, you need to worry about future needs. Data centers will put a constraint on your growth. If your business growth is more, then you need access to computing resources for capitalizing it.

Cloud computing and edge computing will help you in scaling your operations. You can increase your computing and storage resources by increasing the IoT devices present in your network. Edge systems will help you in expanding your network capability and reach.

  1. Versatility

Edge computing is also versatile in nature. You can partner with all the local edge centers. This will help you in targeting new markets without creating new infrastructure. Edge data centers will help your business in providing your service to end users with little latency. This is very important for companies that are offering streaming services. Also, it will help you in reducing your carbon footprint.

These devices will help you by providing better services without increasing your IT capacity. This is a boon for companies that are operating in industries like healthcare, manufacturing, and the agricultural sector.

  1. Reliability

Edge computing is also more reliable when compared with other network architecture. You can position edge data centers and devices closer to your users. Thus, you don’t need to worry about network problems. In case of a data center outage, your devices can still process and collect your data.

Also, fewer data will flow in your primary network. You can process and collect your data closer to the data source. This will help you in reducing your network latency. You can use this for improving your network’s overall speed. Physical distance also affects the data transfer speed. You can reduce the distance by locating your devices closer to the users.

You can connect multiple edge devices in your network. Thus, you can reroute your data to a different edge data center. This will ensure that your users can always access your applications and data.


You can improve your network speed by using IoT devices. These devices will help you in processing your data at the edge of your network. This will help you in enhancing customer experience and network speed. Edge computing is also scalable in nature. You can easily grow your IT infrastructure with your growing demands. Edge computing will help you in optimizing your network. You can provide reliable services to your customers by using edge computing. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire can help you in implementing edge computing. They can help you in optimizing your network. If you need more information regarding edge computing, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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