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Top 5 Contributors to Hard Drive Failure

By June 30, 2019No Comments5 min read

Imagine how effective it will appear to store all your files or data without even requiring any physical space. Any information can be saved or stored easily and can be retrieved as and when required by the user from anywhere and anytime needed.

The powerful invention of today’s world is totally based on electronic means. Electronic and technical devices are core devices that revolutionaries the developmental procedure of humankind. These devices’ function is totally based on its hardware and software components.

These devices are designed to cope up with daily life to life activities. These devices consist of components that are responsible for storing a large amount of data in a very minute or small space.

The electronic devices like computer, laptops, or PCs consist of hard drives for performing the function of storing files or information and data.

What are hard drives?

Hard drives in simple language are called storage devices. Just as one can store file or information in physical file forming documents, in the same way, devices like desktop computers or laptops store data or information in the form of files electronically. These hardware components are responsible for storing ample amount of data or information, which ultimately saves a large amount of space as well as time.

The information is stored in digital form on these devices. The working of hard drives is based on the electromagnetic form of storage.

Components of hard drives

The hard drive devices are designed to stored related function within the electronic devices like a computer or laptop.

It is basically composed of four important components which are as follows-

1. Platters

It is a major component responsible for the actual storage of data or the information. The data or files are stored into these platters in digital format. The composition of platters consists of a coating of aluminum or glass material along with the magnetic surface to store the information or the data.

2. Spindle

These are referred to as rotors as they are responsible for rotating the platters in order to store data. These spindles also keep the position of platters intact. The speed of rotation of platters is determined by revolutions per minute rating that are regulated ultimately by the spindle.

3. Read-write arm

They are the electronic form for writing on the platters. They consist of reading or write heads that keep on rotating on the platters, doing actual reading or writing, and then the data is stored on the platters. As the platters consist of magnetic surface, these read or write create an electric current on the magnetic surface, thereby storing data using the principle of electromagnetism.

4. Actuator

They are referred to as the motor of hard drives. They perform a similar function, just like any physical motor. They are responsible for transferring and controlling the movements of stored data from one platter surface to another platter surface through the use of reading/ write arms.

There are few more components, but these all mentioned above were the four major components when arranged altogether, responsible for the proper functioning of hard drives that involve storing of data or information.

Contributors or reasons leading to hard drive failures

Hard drives are matching components. The machinery components may get damaged that interfere with the functioning of these machine parts, thereby altering them and leading to their failure.

Many different factors or reasons can contribute towards hard drive failures, but the top 5 contributors leading to hard drive failures are as follows-

  • Heat

This is the major concern to take care of while dealing with hard drives. Hard drives are sensitive instruments. Due to this reason increase in heat or overheating of hardware leads to hard drive failure. Heat issues or overheating may arise due to many severe reasons. Absence of cool atmosphere around the computer hardware and inadequate or inappropriate installation of ventilation are some of the most common contributing factors towards increased heat or overheating. Just as we humans need rest after work, these computer hardware also need rest. Overusing for a long time continuation usage of these hardware devices can lead to overheating issues. Fire getting caught in or around computer devices may also lead to hardware damage.

  • Physical damage

Dealing with the portable hard drives or hardware require ample amount of care or concern. These are fragile devices; therefore, even a small physical damage can impair their functioning. Failure of these hardware devices for functioning produced due to pressure applied may lead to hard drive failure. The components of the hard drive are really delicate, and any type of physical damage to hard drives may lead to the breakage of its components, which ultimately results in hard drive failure.

  • Mechanical injuries

All the computer devices are electrical in nature, but that is not the case with hard drives. They are non-electrical rather mechanical. Therefore, it may lead to their failure after some point of time. Sometimes the components of hard drive do not function properly and can be proved faulty, thereby altering the functioning of hard drives.

  • Corrupted files

Sometimes, files loaded on hard drives may get affected. Installation of the software from unknown sources or sudden closure of computer without closing the files may cause file corruption stored on the hard drives. Sometimes while working on the computer, sudden shutdown takes place due to power failure and this can also lead to corrupted files. Corrupted files also contribute to hard drive failure.

  • Power voltage and water damage

Huge deflection in power voltage may lead to hard drive failure. Sometimes the sudden flow of High voltage takes place in the computer that can cause damage to hard drives. These voltage surges can result in data loss, thereby altering the hard drive function. Water damage also contributes to hard drive damage. Even a small amount of water on your computer may affect the computer parts as they are not designed to hold water.


Hard drives are the best mechanical storage devices that replace the need for physical storage devices. They are sensitive, and thereby care should be taken in their handling. Reasons leading to their failure should be avoided in order to perform the effective and smooth functioning of the hard drives.

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