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Turbocharge Your Laptop or Desktop with a Solid State Drive Upgrade

By May 22, 2019No Comments5 min read

Today’s modern world is considered as a digitally controlled world. Everything is monitored by digital-based devices, and these devices have played an important part in the efficient functioning of one’s day to day life.

People are so used to or habituated with these devices that in the absence of them, their survival feels like a struggle. Laptops and desktops the most common types of digital devices available for use.

Just having an average is not sufficient. Everyone wants a laptop or PC which should be the most advanced and should be able to do most of the work efficiently.  But what makes a laptop or a computer powerful?

Different factors like the processor, memory, storage, etc should be taken into consideration before buying any PC or laptop.

For better performance and reliability, Solid State Drives are the hardware that improves the performance of your laptop. Before understanding its functions and benefits first, we should understand its meaning.

What is Solid State drive?

Solid State drive, also referred to as SSD, is a chip-based device which functions on an integrated circuit and is used as storage media.

Different type of storage media in the form of a hard disk drive is available in the market, but Solid state drive is a modified version of these hard disk device that enhances the performance and reliability of your PC. It works as a memory chip based on the In/Out interface and stores data and other information.

Need for Solid State Drives

Solid state drives need to be incorporated into digital devices, as it offers various benefit over other hard disk drives.

  • Flexibility while traveling-

Devices inbuilt with hard disk drives or HDDs are bulkier and susceptible to damage. On the other hand devices inbuilt with Solid state drives are not easily affected by any travel injuries.

  • Enhanced booting Speed

Laptops require booting to clear the cache data and useless information stored in the system. Devices using hard disk drive found it more difficult and time taking in booting process but solid state drives, when incorporated in laptops or desktops, provides enhanced and quick booting experience.

  • Low failure rate-

Solid state drives offer low failure rate as compared to hard disk drives when needed for backing up important data.

  • Low storage space requirement-

Solid state drives are lightweight and smaller in size and therefore, require low space for their storage.

  • Drawing rooms for other hardware devices-

Due to the low storage space requirement in Solid state drives, there is enough space left in the laptop or desktop to incorporate other hardware devices.

  • Mobility

Solid state drives are small and very light in weight. Therefore, when incorporated in any digital device, allows their easy mobility as compared to devices using Hard disk drives.

  • Long lasting battery

Solid state drives require less power for functioning and therefore helping in long lasting laptop or desktop battery.

  • No issues of hardware performance-

During data storage, sometimes it gets divided into multiple locations on the disk which affect the performance of the hard drive. On the other hand, no such issues are suspected in Solid state drives.

  • No data loss –

Data stored in hard disk drives are lost due to power loss of the device, but devices using Solid state drives do not lose data when the system goes off. It stores the data permanently.

  • No mechanical breakdown

Solid state drives consists of non-movable parts, therefore, protecting themselves from any mechanical damage or breakdown.

How does Solid state drive FUNCTION?

Solid state drives are the modified versions of the typical Hard disk drive that is developed for storing files and information more accurately and precisely. Just as RAM is present in Hard disk drive for storing data, Solid state drive consists of a flash memory which is functionally similar to RAM with few modifications. Data stored on RAM get deleted when the system goes off, but the data stored on the flash memory of Solid state drives do not get deleted even when the system goes off.

Solid state drives are based on the electrical system, which functions by using electrical cells arranged in the form of the grid to transmit and receive the data. The electrical grids are classified into a separate section called pages.  These pages are the locations for storage of data and information.

The pages containing data and information are more organized to form blocks which play an important role in providing the required information as demanded by the user.

Components of Solid state drives are not movable and are fixed to the surface; hence, they referred to as solid state.

Solid State Drive as Turbocharger

Solid state drives are considered as essential components for turbocharging your devices like laptops or desktops. The Solid state drives require very less power for functioning. The electrical cell-based solid state drive consists of components which are organized into a specific system of pages and blocks drawing minimal power from the device for receiving or transmitting data for storage and related process.

This feature of the solid-state drive makes it more favored for their incorporation in digital devices as everyone wants a long battery life to complete their work smoothly without any tension to charge their device.

Solid state drives are inbuilt with integrated chips having high power performance and enhanced presentation of work. They function as turbocharger making the device system fast and precise while working on it.


Hard disk drives are considered primitive these days as they come with various drawbacks like loss of data, low performances, slow speed and many more. Therefore, Solid state drives are launched and incorporated into devices like desktop or laptops to fulfill the drawbacks created by hard disk drives.

They make the functioning of system smooth and fast, therefore making it more favoured than other hard drives.

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