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Ubuntu vs CentOS: How to Choose the Best OS for Your Server

By January 28, 2020No Comments
Ubuntu vs CentOS: How to Choose the Best OS for Your Server

It is always difficult to choose between Ubuntu and CentOS. Both of these operating systems have their advantages. In this article, we are going to talk about both operating systems.

Linux is a free OS. Most web servers are running of Linux. However, there are various different versions of the Linux OS. Most web servers are running on CentOS or Ubuntu. Both of these operating systems are completely free to use. They also have huge community support. Developers are regularly releasing new updates.

Linux has an open-source license. Thus, users can edit their code. It also allows them to create their own operating system. Thus, they have a huge online community. Developers around the world are working on improving the Linux operating system.

Overview of Ubuntu:

Ubuntu is actually based on Debian Linux. Its main aim is to help people by creating an open-source community. Linux is known for its difficult commands. Most normal users can’t use the Linux operating system. Developers of Ubuntu are working on making it easy to use. Ubuntu is one of the simplest Linux operating system. Also, it has excellent support from the developer’s community.

Overview of CentOS:

CentOS is actually based on RHEL or Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Red Hat is already a very famous name in the Linux industry. Most corporate IT applications are using Red hat Linux. CentOS is a very stable operating system. It is highly customizable also. Thus, you can customize it according to your needs. Most conventions are also built around its architecture.

Features of Ubuntu and CentOS Servers

The main feature of both OS is that they are free. Thus, you can download your copy from the internet. You can boot it into your system without changing your main OS. Now, we are going to discuss some key features of both OS.

  1. Architecture

Ubuntu is based on Debian whereas CentOS is based on RHEL architecture. Both OS are using a package manager. This package manager is responsible for tracking updates and resolving dependencies.

Ubuntu is using the apt package manager. Thus, you can install tools from .deb packages. CentOS is using the yum package manager. Hence, you can install tools from .rpm packages. The functions of both the package manager are the same.

But, there is a difference in the availability of both the packages. You can find most of the industry tools in the CentOS package. However, it is difficult to find every industry tool in the Ubuntu package. Your developers will mostly stick to only one package type. Thus, it is better to ask them their preference.

  1. Software

Ubuntu has more packages when compared to CentOS. They have a list of over tens of thousands of packages that you can install. However, CentOS only has a few thousand packages in its repository. If you are looking at the number of tools, then Ubuntu is better.

But, some important tools are only written for Red hat systems only. For example, cPanel is only available for red hat systems. Thus, some people prefer using CentOS. You will find most of the industry tools in CentOS.

  1. Security, stability, and updates

Ubuntu has great community support. Thus, it is updated regularly. You can find a new version every six months. Ubuntu is currently offering one Long-term support version every two years. Also, they will update these versions for at least five years. Hence, you can choose between the latest and already tried version. They also add new software in every update. This will allow you to play with new technology. But, sometimes it can create conflicts with old configurations.

CentOS has a very small team. Thus, they don’t update their OS frequently. They also test every tool before releasing it. CentOS versions will get support for more than 10 years. But, this also means that you can’t access new third-party software in their repository. You need to download third-party tools manually. CentOS is very stable and reliable. The operating system is more lightweight when compared to Ubuntu. Thus, it can boot very quickly.

Both OS are very secure and stable. Developers are working on security patches regularly. Thus, you don’t need to worry about security issues.

  1. Ease of use

Ubuntu is one of the easiest OS to use. It is very user-friendly. The Ubuntu server mainly focuses on usability. They have a GUI. Thus, you can easily manage y our server. You can also use the search function for finding tools. It will also allow you to run utilities from their command-line. Most commands are very easy to remember.

Ubuntu also has a huge community. Thus, you can easily find tutorials on the internet. It is very easy to learn Ubuntu when compared to other Linux OS.

CentOS have access to important tools like cPanel. But, you can easily find their alternatives for Ubuntu. It is also very easy to install any software In Ubuntu. Most of the important tools are already installed in the OS.

CentOS has a steep learning curve. There are very few tutorials available on the internet. Thus, it is very hard to learn this OS. Also, most tutorials assume that you already know the Linux basics. If you don’t know about command-line features, then this OS will be a nightmare for you. You can learn this OS by taking separate certifications.

However, most veteran Linux users like CentOS. They are already familiar with the Red Hat architecture. Most web servers are running on CentOS. This will help you in improving cross-compatibility. Also, you will get access to many server utilities like cPanel.


Both of these OS is open-source. They are also completely free to use. You can choose any of these OS for managing your server. If you are a beginner, then Ubuntu is perfect for you. You can easily learn it. However, if you are a professional user, then CentOS is perfect for you. Ubuntu is perfect for those users that want to play with new technology. It has great community support. Thus, most tools are compatible with Ubuntu. But, CentOS is more reliable when compared to Ubuntu. If you want more tips regarding the web server, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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