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What to Check When Buying a Used Laptop

By July 5, 2019No Comments

In this age of modernization and digitalization, almost all of us rely on computers and other electrical devices, for most of our day to day activities. From banking, shopping, socializing, working, studying, every other routine activity has become more comfortable if you have a computer with yourself.

Although PCs are competent to work on, it is not handy and thus creates an issue for the users while travelling. This is the reason why people prefer a laptop over a PC. Because we are in 2019, it’s evident that a super handy computer works as efficiently as a smartphone, although to spend long hours on a smartphone is difficult in comparison to a laptop. Laptops are not only handy but are also multifaceted allowing one to run demanding applications.

It’s an undeniable fact that cheap but good laptops of a reputable brand are expensive in nature and not all of us can afford that. However, we cannot compromise with a lower RAM, lower speed, unattractive screen, or display. So what’s the solution to get an affordable laptop with great features?

The answer to that question is simple. Purchase a “Used laptop.” Today there are many who realize that buying a used laptop with great features is better than buying a new laptop with the same features at a higher rate. Also, the rise in many online auction sites has made it convenient for the sellers to sell their used products and for the customers to compare within the list of used products and buy them accordingly. Still, most of the people are unaware of the ways to check the authenticity of the used laptop and are often cheated with a fake product.

What are the things to be kept in mind before buying a used laptop?  

  • Identify your need: Analyze your needs first and then make the final decision of purchase. If you need for general uses like Email, Internet Browsing, MS Office, pictures and videos storing and sharing, a laptop with 2 GB RAM will do. In case you need for a more than primary use such as uploading, downloading stuff, editing and music making software, advanced MS office, etc., a laptop with 4GB would be a great choice. 

Again, if you are a gamer, and need significant gaming software, advanced editing software, a 6 GB RAM laptop will work fantastic. Make sure you don’t pay for the extra features you don’t want. Classify your uses into categories and check which laptop suits you. 

  • Time Period: A laptop used for a more extended period of time is neither going to help you in your work, nor it will make be worth the value you pay for that used one. Conduct proper research, give it some time and buy best inexpensice laptop which has been used for months or maximum, for a year. 
  • Battery- The most crucial part!: The laptop you are going to buy has already been used for quite some time, the battery will obviously not give the same backup it used to give when it was new. Either, ask the seller to show you the battery backup before the purchase, or in case if it’s not possible, buy a new one. Go for a lithium-ion battery while purchasing a new one and do check its authenticity. 
  • Inspection is much needed:
    • Screen: Check the laptop’s screen properly, and don’t go for a screen with uneven brightness or contrast. Also, check for the pixels, if you find white spots on your screen, it can be a result of dead pixels, so kindly don’t buy that product. A laptop with dead or stuck pixels can destroy the picture quality. 
    • Frame: Inspect the frame properly, check all the corners of the frame; if it’s broken, it may disintegrate the laptop gradually. Check for even minute details of the laptop case such as screws, hinges, lid, missing parts, etc. Make sure any one of them is not loose and is secured with proper nuts and bolts. 
    • Laptop Peripherals: Look for the condition of each key button of the keyboard, and also the trackpad of the laptop. Check if your gestures can smoothly control the trackpads or not. See if the key buttons don’t flounder when you press them and give the command. Check the CD drive if it’s fine and doesn’t struggle in the mid. 
    • RAM: The speed of the laptop mostly depends upon the RAM. Examine the laptop very well and check the memory slots available on a laptop. If the available RAM does not satisfy you, but all other things do, don’t worry, just upgrade the RAM. An upgraded RAM will pace up the activities you want to do on the laptop. 
  • Documents: Don’t forget to check the documents of the laptop that the seller will provide you at any cost. Do check the license of the laptop and also ask for the original CDs of the software. Ask the seller to provide the manual of the laptop so that you can set your laptop accordingly. The software licenses also need to be checked as a pirated software can lead to severe threats and difficulties.
  • Laptop’s adaptor: Make sure that the adaptor’s cable works well when you plug it in the laptop and on the switchboard. Do ask the seller to charge the laptop in front of you. 
  • Connectivity: Do examine the internet connectivity of the laptop, as most of our work relies on the internet. Call the ISP and check the availability of the internet on the laptop. 
  • Brand: A laptop of a good brand matters a lot, and especially a used laptop of the renowned brand matters more. A renowned brand is always more durable and reliable. 
  • Be careful while paying: Compare the prices of the used best affordable laptops on various online auction sites and then choose the best one according to that. Beware of fake sellers. Avoid advance payments. Pay only after you check all the prerequisites.

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