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What to Do When Your Laptop Gets Wet?

By March 6, 2019No Comments

Do you consider yourself as the clumsy and careless one when it comes to gadgets? If yes, then this post is the right one for you. Spilling water or liquid on our laptop or other gadgets accidentally is a very common practice.

As much as these inventions make our lives easier, the technical issues can be really troubling for the users. Whether it be a drastic fall of mobile from a height or something like that.

Spilling something over your phone, tablets or laptop while working, is yet another incident which must have happened with almost everyone in their life at least once.

The more unorganized your working area, or your table is, the more will be the risk of such mishaps.

Despite being careful, it can take place at the most unexpected time. But don’t lose your cool under such circumstances and save your gadget from getting completely ruined. As people panic, they don’t know what they have to do and start doing anything to save their gadget which messes up the situation even further.

Laptop: Constant companion

The laptop is considered as one of the best inventions, as you can’t carry your computer to every place. And in this world, where work comes before anything for everyone, the laptop has helped in developing an efficient way of working.

You can carry it easily anywhere, without having to go through any complex situations during the same. The amount of work which can be done on a laptop is immense. And because of the easy mobility, the work can also be done while traveling. Earlier, people had to have the entire set up of the computer to complete the work, but now the laptop in your bag is the answer to everything.

Nowadays, in every working space computers have been replaced by laptops to make things easier for the employees as well. On one hand, it is good because there is no need for any additional hardware to be attached to the laptops.

But on the other hand, it also becomes quite a fragile device that gets easily damaged.  It is because if you are using a computer, and you spill water or coffee your on the keyboard, then the keyboard will only get affected. Keyboards are very easy to replace and it does not even burn a hole in your pocket while replacing it with a new one.

But unlike a laptop, all the components are inbuilt. If you spill any liquid on a laptop, you risk the danger of damaging the core motherboard of it.

Common incidents

As these are single piece devices, they get damaged very easily. If you are too involved in the work or preoccupied with something, then such mishaps can happen. Reaching out for a coffee mug on the study table or in your cubicle in the office and accidentally spilling the coffee over the keyboard, or the touchpad is one such thing.

During such mishaps it is very natural to panic as a lot of important information and data is present on the laptop, which you don’t want to lose. And to prevent any such thing, you should know the exact measures and steps which needs to be taken.

Steps to be followed

  • The very first thing you must do is, not to use any button or switch, instead quickly use the power button to shut your laptop off. As performing any function after the spillage may lead to short circuit inside the system. Giving any input in such case will require the processing, and this might cause further damage. Also, remove the battery located on the underside.
  • Take off any detachable component, such as mouse, cables or any other hardware which you might be able to take out with precision. It is necessary because the moisture may seep down into the other devices, damaging those as well.
  • Before the water reaches deep inside the laptop, turn it upside down in an inverted V position so that the water which has still not reached inside automatically drains out. Place it in a warm, dry place so that the laptop gets a more airy environment to dry up faster. If possible put it on a towel or newspapers.
  • Use a paper towel or cloth to dry out the outer body first. Then dry out inner parts by using a hair dryer and blowing it over the keyboard section. If the liquid you spilled was water, then there’s nothing to worry about stains. But if your fortune is not so good, and it was something sugary which you just spilled like a carbonated drink, then you must look for any stains which may lead to corrosion.

Clean it as soon as possible, or the problem may increase manifolds. If you can’t do it on your own, take it to some professionals who can do the cleaning with perfection.

  • During such accidents remove the battery first. The battery which you removed, plays a major role in the proper functioning of the laptop. So even if it is not wet or no signs of moisture is visible then also you need to dry it. Place it in a jar of rice, as rice gives out immense heat, it will dry your battery completely.
  • Allow the laptop to dry for 24-48 hours, and then try to turn it on. You may be lucky enough if you have done just as mentioned, and your laptop will work without any issue.

So as much as the things can be made easy by the use of a laptop, it is necessary to keep it safe so that you don’t lose any information which is vital for you or the company in which you are working. Each person has all the information backed up on his laptop, which can all just go away in a blink of an eye if you don’t know what exactly have to do.

Therefore, while using gadgets, always be alert and use them with care.

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