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Why Network Security is Necessary for SMBs in 2019?

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“58% of malware attack victims are categorized as small businesses”

Verizon 2018 DBIR

Network security is often overlooked until you lose your data or privacy of your business information. An attacker can breach your less secured network and sell your business insights to your competitors. At worst, he may encrypt all the files of your computer and demand a ransom for the solution. Companies have suffered a lot of trouble due to lack of proper security measures. 2018 was already a disaster and 2019 will be no exception. Cambridge Analytica managed to access the personal information of more than 87 million users on Facebook; A cyber-attack affected around 380,000 transactions of British Airways. Cyber-attacks are on the rise and companies are suffering revenue loss and equity damage.

With the growth of the Internet, network security has become one of the most important factors for companies to consider. The same set of tools that are used to build a network, can be utilized to breach its security. Attackers misuse their expertise in information technology for stealing someone’s precious work.

Network Under Attack:

An unsecured network is prone to the following known attacks:

Someone Can Secretly Tap Your Network Traffic:

In networking terms, this type of attack is known as eavesdropping. It is one of the common types of attacks where a person gains access to data packets being sent over the communication channel like an ethernet cable or wireless router. Various tools are available on the internet that you can use to sniff packets over an unencrypted link.

Genuine Users Can Be Denied Access to The Network:

Denial of Service or DoS attack is used to create an abnormal behavior on the server and network. In this attack, a massive amount of fake data requests is sent to a network. Servers get flooded with lots of requests and it spends most of its time in responding to fake users and genuine users don’t get a share of the server’s resources.

Someone Can Guess Your Password:

You have a password authentication mechanism for administrators to access the company network. With poor password security, an attacker can simply take a blind guess of your password. Also, there are numerous tools that create and check random characters for guessing passwords. These tools don’t take more than an hour to identify the correct combination of characters in your “secret” password.

Malware Can Make Its Way into Your Network:

Malware is a computer program that is designed to cause malicious activity on a computer like deleting files, encrypting them or transferring data to another computer. Ransomware like WannaCry caused havoc around the world by encrypting Windows computers and demanding money to decrypt it. It can make its way through email attachments, external storage drives or unrestricted downloads over the network.

These are just a few known ways by which an attacker can access your business information and render it useless which at worst can lead to company shut down. According to Ponemon 2017 State of Cybersecurity in SMBs, cyber-attacks cost small and medium-sized businesses an average of $2,235,000.

 Why Are Attackers Targeting SMBs?

The frequency of attacks against Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) are on the rise. The primary reason for this is that they possess more vulnerabilities and require fewer efforts for attackers to breach them. Most of them have outdated security tools which are reluctant against advanced malware says another report of Ponemon 2017. Many SMBs with a little knowledge of home network security also try to handle the situation on their own but their solutions fail against modern attacks.

That’s why you need a skilled professional who can secure your network and make it resistant against any possible future attack.

 Secure Your Network with Network Security Services in Miami:

To guard against modern day attacks, you need multi-layer protection in your organization. With Security network Services in Miami, you get experts who can analyze your IT infrastructure and develop robust security plans to keep your business secure from cyber-attacks. IT services in Miami not only offer network security software but develop contingency plans so that your business doesn’t suffer excessive downtime in case of natural disasters. IT service providers leverage the latest security tools including firewall, advanced anti-malware, data encryption and more to keep every link in your network secured.

Compliance regulation is another bonus point of hiring a network security service. Certain compliance like PCI and HIPAA requires security of public information and submission of annual security reports. IT support in Miami can help you to streamline compliance along with your business. With automated software solutions for monitoring network traffic and collecting security logs, you can release yourselves form managing compliances.

With a network security service in Miami, you can develop best practices and security policies in your company. They will educate your employees about security measures so that they can stay safe from potential threats and prevent any malware (using malware protection) from entering the network through email.

With cyber-attacks on the rise in 2019, you need to develop proactive plans to counter any possibility of a data breach. IT services in Miami provide expert network security solutions that develop a broad range of security practices to safeguard your information and reputation.

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