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Why You Should Have Structured Cabling

By September 3, 2020No Comments
Structured Cabling

The need for wireless connectivity is increasing with time. Thus, it is a perfect time to use a structured cabling system. There are many benefits of having a structured cabling design. You will have access to a good telecommunication solution. Also, you can quickly transmit video, voice, and data in your network. Structured cabling will give you access to a more robust and secure network. You can’t get this level of security with wireless technology.

There are various benefits of improving your cabling structure. If you don’t have a structured cabling structure, then it will become very difficult to diagnose network problems. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of structured cabling.

Definition of structured cabling:

Structured cabling generally consists of smaller elements which are known as subsystems. This entire cabling structure is governed by its standards. There are proper guidelines that you need to follow. You can use modular sockets and CAT 6E or CAT 5E cabling.

The standards are already fixed. You need to create a star formation. This will ensure that all outlets will terminate at a central panel. You need to determine where these outlets will go from this central panel. Your network admin can connect these outlets to a telecom patch panel or a data network switch.

If you want to connect a computer to your network, then you need straight-through patch cables. You need to follow the cabling standards while designing your cabling structure. It is important to ensure that all the connectors in Cat 5, Cat 5E and Cat 6 cable are connected.

The best way to upgrade your network is by upgrading your cabling system. You should upgrade from a traditional cabling system to modern structured cabling.

Advantages of Structured Cabling:

  1. Reduced downtime

Your employees must be using several equipment and devices at the same time. It can be very difficult to find and resolve problems in a point-to-point cabling system. This can actually lead to network downtime. It will affect your staff productivity. This can affect your business revenue and reputation. Your staff can’t complete their work until your network is working again. According to a report by Statista, the average cost of downtime is $400,000. These are the actual dollars that you will lose. However, there are also many other consequences of downtime. It will affect your reputation and productivity.

If you are using a single system, then you can reduce the complexity of your network. You can quickly identify problems in your network. If you are using structured cabling, then you can quickly resolve all the connectivity problems. This will ensure that you can quickly resolve the network issues. You can reduce the downtime by using structured cabling.

  1. Adaptability

Modern businesses are growing very fast. Thus, you should ensure that your IT infrastructure can meet your growing demands. Organizations need to quickly adapt to this ever-changing world. Structured cabling will ensure that your network is flexible. You can easily add new things to your network. Also, it is easy to replace equipment in your network.

If you are using structured cabling, then you can enjoy high bandwidth. This will ensure that your systems can support new applications and technologies. Your network will support technologies like video conferencing. Also, it won’t affect your current IT systems.

You will see better performance when your network is expanding. If you are using a flexible and consistent cabling structure, then you don’t need to worry about updating or upgrading your systems. You can still maintain the same level of performance without upgrading your systems. Your equipment will still support the new applications. This will also ensure that your staff will adopt new technologies. Most staff members don’t use new applications as these applications are not stable. Thus, structured cabling will ensure that your employees are adopting the new technology.

This will ensure that IT can act as a catalyst for your business growth,

  1. ROI

You need to make an initial investment if you are upgrading from the traditional cabling system to the modern structured cabling system. The costs will vary according to your organization size. These costs will depend on your network size and complexity. However, you don’t need to worry about keeping your cabling under control after upgrading your cabling. Your network team doesn’t need to waste their team in managing your cabling structure.

Structured cabling is more organized when compared to the traditional cabling structure. Your network team can easily see the cables. They can easily find the location where your cables are connected. This will ensure that they can quickly resolve network issues. Your team can quickly find issues in your network. The time required for installing this cabling structure is also very short. You can quickly make infrastructure changes if you are using structured cabling. Everything will be controlled from a single location. Thus, you can quickly add new equipment to your network. You can also monitor all your resources.

If you are using structured cabling, then you don’t worry about buying resources for maintaining your network. This will help you in reducing your entire IT costs. Also, it will increase your employee productivity as they don’t need to worry about downtime. It will also help you in increasing your revenue. You can quickly recover the initial investment.


Structured cabling will ensure that your network team can quickly resolve issues. Your network team will spend less time on network issues. Structured cabling will ensure that you can focus on your business objectives. It will also help you in decreasing your IT costs. Structured cabling will improve your entire IT network infrastructure. There are many benefits of using structured cabling like less downtime and reduced costs. It is also more flexible when compared to the traditional cabling system. Your MSP can also help you in upgrading your entire cabling structure. If you need more tips regarding network management, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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