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Why Your Employees Are Your Greatest Cybersecurity Asset

By September 9, 2020No Comments5 min read
Employees Are Your Greatest Cybersecurity Asset

Most IT managers think that the threats have a complex with time. Hackers are using more complex attacks for stealing data. The number of cyberattacks is increasing every year. Even small businesses are getting affected by these attacks. Large enterprises like Facebook have also experienced data breaches.

Most companies don’t understand that their biggest liability in cybersecurity is actually their own employees. You might invest thousands of dollars in building a secure IT infrastructure. However, hackers can still trick your employees. Hackers recently used social engineering attack for gaining access to various twitter accounts. Thus, you should provide the right training to your employees. You can turn your staff to your greatest cybersecurity asset. However, you should first provide them with the right tools, policies, and training. In this article, we are going to share some tips that will help you in turning your employees into your greatest cybersecurity asset.

  1. Require best password practices

You should establish password guidelines for device, application, and server access. Make sure that your employees are applying the best password practices. Their passwords must be complex. This will ensure that hackers can’t use simple brute force attacks. Also, you should use two-factor authentication. This will ensure that hackers can’t use stolen passwords for accessing your network. You should also ensure that your employees are regularly updating their passwords.

Your employees should include passphrases in their passwords. These passphrases are generally easy to remember. However, hackers can’t use simple attacks for cracking these passwords. You can also use numbers and symbols in your password. This will ensure that computers can’t crack your passwords. Make sure that your employees are not using their personal dates as their passwords. Most people use their anniversary date or birthday as their passwords. Hackers can use social engineering attacks for guessing these passwords. Also, make sure that your employees are not using a single word that can be found in some dictionary.

Password Strategy

Your employees should also regularly change their passwords. This will ensure that hackers can’t use compromised credentials for accessing your data. Your employees should never share their passwords. Make sure that they are not writing their passwords down.

You should also store these passwords in a secure server. Most companies are using password managers for managing their employee’s passwords. A password manager will ensure that only you can unlock your employee’s password. It will encrypt all the passwords. The only way to decrypt your passwords is by providing a key to the software.

Two-factor authentication can also protect your business from data breaches. It will ensure that unauthorized personnel can’t access your business networks. Two-factor authentication will protect your password managers and emails. Most applications are offering MFA or multi-factor authentication to companies. They will send a code to your employee mobile. The only way to login is to enter this code. This will ensure that hackers can’t access your network even if they have access to your passwords.

  1. Promote Safe web browsing

If your employees are opening every email attachment, then even solid passwords can’t protect your network. You should educate your employees about safe computing. Hackers are using better attacks for hacking into organizations. Thus, you should ensure that your employees are up-to-date. They should know how to protect themselves from hackers.

Your employees should know about phishing emails. They should know about how to recognize these phishing emails. According to a report from KnowBe4, more than 91% of hacking attacks actually originate through simple phishing. Hackers will pretend like a trusted organization or entity. They will convince your employees to share sensitive information. Sometimes they will send a malicious attachment to your employees. Your employees might click on some malicious links. It will automatically install malware on their mobile device or computer. This malware will eventually spread in your network.

This malware will expose your IT infrastructure to infiltration. Also, this malware can copy keystrokes. Some malware like ransomware can also lock your entire system.

There is no foolproof plan to protect your network from these attacks. However, your employees can protect your network by following some simple security tips.

  • They should never share their sensitive information or password with other people.
  • Never click on unknown links.
  • Never download unknown attachments.
  • Regularly update spam filters.
  • Ensure that their antivirus software is updated.
  • If you are in doubt about some email, then you should ignore it. You can directly login to banks and government agencies sites. Thus, they will never request information by sending you an email.
  1. Update software and system

Developers are constantly improving their products. They are ensuring that their products are safe. Thus, you should also take your security seriously. Most data breaches occur due to outdated systems and software.

Make sure your employees are installing security patches in their systems. Your employees should know the difference between spoofed programs and legit programs. Hackers will try to send spoofed programs to your employee’s devices. These spoofed programs are actually malware or viruses.

The best way to solve this problem is by working with an MSP. Your Managed IT service provider will monitor and update your systems. They will ensure that all your systems are updated. This will remove the guesswork. Your partner will proactively monitory your network. You don’t need to worry about manually updating your software. Your partner will help you in handling these tasks. Thus, your IT department can focus on building better products for you.


The best method to convert your employees from liability to an asset is by working with an MSP. Experienced MSPs like Bleuwire will provide the right training for your employees. They will implement the right procedures and policies. Your partner will help you in developing an IT security strategy. You will have access to a complete network defense plan. They will also help you in implementing this plan. This will ensure that you can protect your resources and data from attackers. They will also regularly monitor your network for vulnerabilities and intrusion. If you need more tips regarding IT security, then you can contact Bleuwire.

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