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Windows Computer Boots to the BIOS every time I turn it ON

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BIOS stands for Basic Input / Output System. This is basically a firmware that is stored on a chip in your computer. It has sometimes been reported by end-users that their system automatically boots to the BIOS every time they turn it on. This pattern has been reported to repeat itself even after a restart after exiting from the BIOS.

This action will usually not pose any serious problem. But when the user wants to install or uninstall any application in the system that requires a restart, this might render it impossible to do. When an application requires the user to restart the system for successful installation/uninstallation, the action cannot be completed if the system repeatedly boots to the BIOS each time, even after exiting it.

Possible causes:

There could be a number of reasons for this to happen. System failure, failed updates for applications, damaged hardware, etc. are some of the reasons why Windows may not be booting properly.

Causes and Solutions

  • BIOS setting problem

A change to BIOS settings may sometimes cause the PC to have problems with the boot. If this is the cause, then simply resetting it to default settings might solve the problem. Thus, changing BIOS settings back to default/factory version might fix this in some cases. Resetting to default conditions is a very safe thing to do and can be one of the simplest solutions if this turns out to be the underlying problem. But if BIOS settings weren’t the problem in the first place, then this wouldn’t help much.

  • Failed Updates

Check for any failed updates for the currently installed applications in your windows computer. There is a possibility that failed updates could be prompting the system to boot to BIOS every time you turn it on.

  • Internal Computer Hardware issue

Check all your hardware and see if it is compatible with the windows computer that you are using now. If it is outdated and does not work well with the current PC, chances are it could be causing trouble with the boot.

  • Check External Hardware

Check for any other exterior drives, keyboard, mouse, etc. to see if any of the hardware units is what is causing the trouble.

  • Correct boot device

Lack of the right boot device might also be causing trouble. If the correct boot device is not discovered by the boot manager, it could cause the BIOS to open each time you turn on the windows computer.

  • Proper drive should be listed

Onerous drive or SSD needs to be listed under the boot device. If it isn’t, make sure to change this component, i.e., try changing the onerous drive and try turning on the PC again. If you have purchased the correct drive, the problem should disappear.

  • Check Motherboard

If even changing the boot device does not help, there could be a possibility of something being wrong with your motherboard. If this is the case, it is advisable that you take the assistance of an experienced technician who will be able to help you check what is causing the problem and examine the motherboard. If need be, the motherboard might have to be repaired or in some cases even replaced.

  • Battery issues

Try taking out the CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) battery, also alternatively referred to as RTC (real-time clock), NVRAM (non-valuable RAM) or CMOS RAM. Remove the CMOS battery for a few seconds and then try to place it back in again. After this is done, restart the windows computer and check. This action will boot to windows instead of booting straight to BIOS. If you have previously set any password for BIOS intentionally or accidentally, this action will clear it up. But if this does not solve the problem, it might be practical to think of replacing the CMOS battery altogether if necessary.

  • Check the keys which you press

It could also be possible that you have accidentally pressed some key such as F2 or F12 or Del secret. Some of these keys when pressed have the functionality to boot directly to BIOS. Thus, any pressed key must be immediately checked and undone. This could be a relatively simple solution compared to any of the above-mentioned causes and solutions for the same.

From the above mentioned possible causes for windows to boot directly to BIOS, it can be seen that figuring out what is exactly causing the trouble and pinpointing that to fix this issue might seem a little tricky for the end-users to do themselves.

All of the possibilities have to be considered since anything could be causing this problem. Therefore, all the solutions need to be tried once and given a shot to even understand why this is happening. The first few steps to be taken must include the user trying to fix the problem with simple solutions such as restarting the PC, removing and placing the CMOS battery back in place, checking for any pressed down keys, resetting the BIOS settings, checking for any failed update during previous installations, etc.

But if all else fails, it could be possible that the issue is more serious, and you might have to remove or replace a few components of your PC. When the end-user is unable to figure out the issue, it is advisable that they seek assistance from an experienced professional to check for any malfunction with their device.

In some cases, they might have to do a complete resetting of functions and configurations to their PC, change the hardware components altogether, or change the motherboard. Not all of these actions are simple enough for the end-user to do for themselves if they haven’t had the experience of working with something similar before. Thus, one wrong move might mess up other parts of the computer.

Lastly, keep in mind that all the components of a PC need to be checked for regular updates and possible sources of malfunction. It is a very common scenario for end-users to face troubles with their PC that was working perfectly fine all along and it started malfunctioning all of a sudden with no evident reason that is immediately identifiable. In these types of cases, updating the computer hardware of software components has proven to be the simplest feasible solution that might be causing trouble.

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